Dream Big About a Caribbean Family Vacation in Aruba

Author: Family Travel Forum Staff

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With the temperatures dropping, it's easy to dream about a family beach vacation on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Located outside of the hurricane belt, a mere 19 miles north of the Venezuelan coast, Aruba's climate is perfect "bathing suit weather" -- an average 81º F year round. Picture yourself there, participate in our Families Dream Big giveaway, and you can soon experience an Aruba family beach getaway by winning this fabulous vacation for a family of four, including plane tickets.

Here's your chance to win a Big Dream Vacation which can be taken at any time of year (some blackout periods apply). The island is arid and its cactus-covered landscape is rugged, but its fine sand beaches are beautiful and the gentle Caribbean surf is always warm.  A unique combination of the Dutch and Caribbean cultures also make Aruba, an autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, an interesting island to explore with the family.

No need to sprawl on the beach all day. You can tour an ostrich farm, horseback ride at Rancho Notorious, take a "submarine" tour offshore with your little ones, and walk the lanes of the colonial capital of Oranjestad. Families traveling with toddlers will definitely want to check out Baby Beach (pictured above), known for its fine white sand and warm, gentle surf. For more information and ideas on what to do in Aruba during your stay on the island, check out FTF's Family Attractions in Aruba Guide and visit the Aruba Tourism Office site.

How You Can Win this Families Dream Big Caribbean Giveaway

It couldn't be easier to enter this contest, which is a joint promotion with TravelingMom.com (see all the prize package details here) and our partner at Taking the Kids.

Simply watch this video about the Orlando family's visit to Aruba and TravelingMom founder Kim Orlando's battles with her family over electronics on vacation.

Then leave us a comment below sharing your rules for electronics on vacation or your suggestion for getting Kim’s kids to put down the electronics.

You can leave ONE new rule (or a tip for others trying to manage their family's electronics addiction) EACH DAY on EACH SITE between January 16, 2012 and February 6, 2012.  Each comment=one entry. (Read the contest fine print here.)    

The Twitter Party to talk even more about Aruba is Monday, January 23rd, 9-10pm EST. Follow #TMOM #DreamVacay.  

What are you waiting for? Check out the video and let us know in the Comments Section below how you manage the kids' (and husband's?) insatiable appetite for electronics when you go on vacation.  

Can you really unplug?  Tell us how and create another chance to win with every suggestion you make. Good luck!

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I try to limit it to when I wake up and go to bed for me and my husband.


Are rules are flexible. My son has aspergers and electronics is how he decompresses and pulls himself together when he is overwhelmed.

Alternatives to electronics #3

We also make sure everyone in the family has enough good reading material - books, magazines, etc. to occupy at least an hour each day of our trip, and we usually have "family reading time" most days. It is a nice way to unwind after a busy day!

Dream vacation, #2

Another thing we have always done is stock up on age-appropriate activity books for our trips - sticker books, mazes, dot-to-dot, word search, sudoku, etc.  The only time the kids see these books is when they travel, so it is always fun and new. They probably spend as much time on these activities while traveling as they do with their electronics. 

Electronic Rule #1

Electronics may be used freely during down times.   (ex.)   Driving, Flying, waiting on Reservations.   I dont mind the kids using them but EVERYTHING in moderation.  That is my motto.  Quality Family time and making those wonderful lasting memories is so very important.   After all, isn't this why we take vacations!?! 

Win a dream vacation to Aruba

Our family's rule about traveling with electronics is simple : they are only allowed en route, while traveling by pane, train or car. Once we reach our destination, we all put away our gadgets (even the adults!). We occasionally use iPods/mp3s to listen to music while relaxing at the beach/pool, but they are old-school with no video capabilities!  We established this policy from the beginning, so we don't get any push-back from our three (teenage!) boys!

trip to Aruba

We allow kids to have elctronics on one plane and books on the other.  It usually takes us at least two plane trips to get anywhere.  After that, electronics go in mom and dad's possesion.  Then they only come out if mom needs to make dinner in a condo, or if mom and dad need a nap:)

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