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Newborn Travel

Posted by SAra Chwatt on May 14, 2002 at 11:57:40:

We are expecting a baby in early Dec. and my extended family will be going on a trip to Florida towards the end of the month..Hoe do I find out about safety and other concerns about traveling with a newborn....I would really love to go...

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Posted by May on November 14, 2002 at 11:41:02:

In Reply to: NEWBORN TRAVEL posted by SAra Chwatt on May 14, 2002 at 11:57:40:

SAra Chwatt

Hi Sara,

I'm a first time mom and I just had my son 5 months ago and I hadn't had any holiday since he was born. It is a bit difficult to travel with baby that small. I suggest that you wait till your baby is 1month old or maybe a little bit older then you will find it easier if you are breastfeeding him.

Hope this help.

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Posted by momofOne on August 08, 2002 at 20:28:44:

In Reply to: NEWBORN TRAVEL posted by SAra Chwatt on May 14, 2002 at 11:57:40:

SAra Chwatt

Is this your first? You probably aren't going to feel up to going on a trip 3 weeks after you've had a baby.

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newborn travel

 airlines typically allow infants to travel between 7 and 14 days after birth (unless they are premature in which case policies vary). your bigger concern is that until your child gets his/her shots at about 2 months, they are immuno-compromised and closed spaces like airlines could pose a potential risk to them. I would wait until about 6 weeks when they can get their vaccines (assuming you are vaccinating) and then fly.


i have a seven week old and had to make the same decision recently. We are flying next week!

good luck!




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Travel with Newborn


       I agree with others that it will be easy for all tourist which has the baby atleat 2-3 years,the problem comes when the child  is 2-10 months old. Often the baby is still on breast milk (so no worries about food and all the bowls, spoons, bids, etc).so care of it.

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I agree with others that it is a great time to travel when you child is 2-10 months old. Often the baby is still on breast milk (so no worries about food and all the bowls, spoons, bids, etc). The baby is pretty stationary - less worries about babyproofing, etc. And it is much easier to go to dinner and other events when the baby is little versus entertaining a toddler!

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Travelling with infants

we travelled with 10 months baby in India , it was nice but so getting tired.
now i think i wasn't so good idea , it is too early to go to such a place

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Personally, I think it is the easiest time to travel. We traveled with our babies at about 4-6 weeks old on long plane trips from Southern California to the UK and to SE Asia. Now, we waited until we had our pediatricians approval and depending on the country, to see what immunizations they had already. Now, they do the Hepatitis shot when they are first born, so you get a whole round out of the way by the time they are 2 months old. Anyway, their pediatrician said yes on the drinking or the sucking if anything, calms them down or relaxes them. As far as advice is concerned, you should go with your gut instincts once you have the baby. Don't listen to what you should or shouldn't do. It depends on your babies health (hope it's great!) and your docs advice, and what you think you are ready for. And I think people who glare on planes can go suck a pacifier themselves. Maybe it will help them from saying anything. haha

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many have echoed this. But basically newborns are pretty easy to travel with, it is you, you should consider. You may be exhausted, adapting to breast feeding in public which can be hard in the early days, recovering from the birth. Can you decide to go at the last minute because you may find it is the last thing you want.

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I'm a former Flight Attendant and I had a lot of little fliers.

They really are easy but it can be tiring going somewhere this early. You can also run into glitches; a tricky delivery, funky issues with your body this early after delivery, feeding issues, etc. that aren't life threatening but could put a crimp in your plans.

Please disregard the common myth that babies need to drink on take-off and landing. In my 13 years of flying, I RARELY saw babies having ear problems and my own three children, who have been flying from 4 months old each transatlantics about four times a year plus other flights have never had problems. I did visit the doctor before leaving but healthy ears can handle pressurization changes.

I had my babies in car seats and on take-off and landing, they were safely strapped in. Two never had bottles and none had pacifiers and they were always fine. I joke that this is the "emperor's new clothes" of flying tips! (Everyone keeps repeating it so they believe it!).

The AAP says simply to have the child awake not on landing (which is too late) but at the TOP of descent (about 40 minutes to an hour out, depending on the flight).

Hope that makes your flight easier!
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you'd better avoid that

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I agree that you should check with your pediatrician. In my country, the doctors advise against flying your new born because of the pressure in the ears.

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Traveling with baby

Congrats in advance!! I traveled with my newborn when he was 3 weeks old and we had no problems at all. It's the easiest time ever to travel with children! :) Just nurse (or bottle feed) as you take off and land, which helps with ear pressure and the baby should do fine. I encourage you to go and enjoy time with your new baby and family!!

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Offline Joined: 11 Jun 2008 traveling with newborns

I totally, agree with this.  Newborns can be very easy to handle and you don't worry about feding time, too!  traveling with toddlers, on the other hand, is hard.




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traveling with newborns

I really do think newborns are the easiest age of all to travel with. As long as they're healthy and are a bit settled, they sleep so much and are easy to feed if you're nursing them. It all depends on the disposition of the child. My first baby was a piece of cake to travel with, while the second was really colicky so we didn't take him out as much til he was more settled. But they're easy to carry and easy to feed, that's for sure!

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I'd say check with your doctor first. Wherever you are going - as long as you can get rest and comfortable in a stress-free environment - newborns are way easier to travel with than older kids - that's been my experience anyways.

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The best advice is to first check with your doctor to make sure your baby is healthy and not suffering from any unforeseen ear issues. Next, remember your own health as well as your infant's. Your baby will be more relaxed and secure if you are as well. If at all humanly possible, try to schedule the flight during trusted nap times and have a bottle of water on hand for an emergency if you run out of formula. If nothing else, this will alleviate take off and landing ear pains.

You should also check out [url][/url] for articles on traveling with infants. Here are a few to try:


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newborn travel

I traveled with my second child when he was 3 weeks old and it went fine. We flew to visit my in-laws -- just an hour flight. But I think it would have been hard if I had traveled with my first baby that young. Everything is so new and overwhelming with the first one, and you are so sleep deprived that everything seems a bit difficult.

It certainly can be done if your baby is healthy and not colicky, but you won't even know how old your baby will be for the trip -- he/she could be just a week or two old. And that's a bit young. It's best to be near your pediatrician just in case anything goes wrong when they're that young...for your own peace of mind as much as anything else.

I do think mothers-to-be assume that a baby won't "clip their wings," and I'm a firm believer that they shouldn't, but I think until you have the baby, you don't realize the impact they have on your time and your ability to do much except care for them for the first few weeks or months. I'd wait until the baby is at least a month before attempting any major travel...and I would hesitate to plan anything really big til the child is 3 months and is more settled.

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I think travelling with new born baby is not allowed... Dont know in your state.

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It's not a big deal to take a newborn anywhere!

I have raised three kids. And by the time all of them were two months old, we were flying everywhere with them. All of my children had passports by the time they were 6 months old.

The thing is, whenever you take off or land, nurse the baby, or feed him/her a bottle. It will help to alleviate the altitude problems and inner ear thing. If he/she is still screaming (usually during take-off) place a plastic cup over each ear, and it will help to equalize the pressure the baby is feeling.

The neatest thing about newborns is: Whereever you place them, they'll still be there when you check on them again! This statement is NOT true by the time they are 6 months old! So appreciate your little one, and TRAVEL, girl.

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