Best ski resort with babies

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Best ski resort with babies

My husband and I love to ski and we're wondering if anyone has any opinions on the best ski resorts for babies. We are okay with leaving the baby in a daycare onsite, or hiring a babysitter if there is a reputable service. Anyone with experience out there?

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Ski Resorts with Babies

We agree that there are a lot of terrific places to ski in the US with nursery facilities for babies and toddlers.  These are usually state licensed and comply with much stricter laws than even the preschools have to observe.  However, many doctors recommend that infants under age 6 months who live at sea level not be taken above 8,000 feet, so look closely at the altitude of the ski village or base camp where baby will cared for.  then, enjoy!

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You could rent a family

You could rent a family friendly chalet at any family resort (Flaine, France is good for kids- if you're thinking of Europe)

Then you could take a Ski/Holiday Nanny with you, meaning you don't need to worry about strangers/day care etc.  I much prefer staying in family chalets, than hotel environments when skiing with kids.



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You don’t have to give up your ski retreats just because you have a kid. Skiing destinations with a little one can be fun, even if it’s nothing like the trip you took prior to you had your own family. Condos, chalets, and town houses can also be a suitable way to stay and ski. These provide some of the ease of home like space for your baby’s naps, kitchens and laundry.

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In Europe there are also many skiing resorts, like f.ex Italy. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun there!

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Many US Ski Resorts have facilities for babies and because they must be licensed, they follow the same rules and regulations you'd find in a licensed daycare. That usually means a certain caregiver to baby ratio, safety and hygiene standards, space requirements, trained staff, etc. They tend to be excellent.

Telluride Colorado has an especially nice baby care facility, as does Deer Valley Utah, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Mt. Bachelor Oregon, Whistler British Columbia, Smugglers Notch Vermont, and actually the list goes on and on.

I'd say start with where you'd like to ski and then check to see if they have infant care. Many resorts have babysitting services, too -- I've used them when one of my children was sick. They tend to be more expensive because it's one on one, but they are usually bonded and quite reliable. And because everyone carries a cell phone these days, daycare facilities can call you if there are any problems. In areas where cell phones don't work, daycares will often pass out walkie talkies to parents so they can stay in touch.

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