flying for the first time with an infant

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flying for the first time with an infant

Hi there,
My husband and I have the travel bug. We are considering booking a trip to Munich for next fall. Our son will be 1 year old. We don't know what he'll be like at this age and how stressful this experience could be. He seems to be a pretty mellow, content kid so far (he's 3 months old and is sleeping through the night). But we dread being the parents of a screaming kid on an international flight. I'd appreciate any advice or insight experienced moms & dads have to offer. Thanks!

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last year we traveled in osterreich with our two children, leonardo was 3 y.o. and federico 10 month. we rent a car, it was wonderful!!!!

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When my son was 10 months we took him to Europe for a vacation. It was a little challenging as he wanted to crawl and walk all the time but we had a lightweight stroller and a sturdy backpack that we took him around in. One thing that helped on the plane was to give him a hard roll to chew on. It kept him busy for hours! He kind of chomped and gummed on the roll until it was a sticky mess (don't forget to bring lots of napkins and wipes!) but it really kept him busy.


We traveled to Greece when our daughter was 11 months, and I remember trying to get information about traveling with an infant and finding nothing!

The biggest thing I can say is try to get an overnight flight, so they sleep for a majority of the plane ride. We brought along a portable dvd player which helped also. Bring extra diapers, my daughter got sick on the way back and we were on our last diaper when we landed. (diaper changes are not easy either....use an overnight diaper if you can to limit the number of changes you'll need). Make sure you've got a bottle or cup for take-off and landing to reduce ear pressure. We didn't purchase a seat for her and didn't really need it, but we had my sister-in-law with us as an extra hand. I brought a belly carrier for her, but it became a pain to have to take off for all the security stops (especially when she was sleeping...).

You should be able to find food, diapers and wipes for him there at a grocery store. We also brought a handheld food grinder to use to grind up food at restaurants, etc. If you can have him eating table foods by then it would certainly help!

I've read that certain airlines are much more accomodating to infant traveling (British Air, Swiss Air) but I haven't flown with them with an infant to be sure. If you have any other questions, let me know, I remember feeling so lost about how to do things. But it was all worth it, and the babies really do surprise you sometimes with what they can handle!

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At one year, kids really want to move around and by then your son will either be walking or crawling. So keeping him confined on an airplane or in a stroller can be a bit of a challenge. The time change will be difficult for the first few days too, as you can convince yourself to try to sleep and stay awake Munich time, but your son will be operating on a biological clock (rather than a logical clock!).

That said, I've never believed that children should limit your travels. It will change what you do, especially since your son will need lots of time in parks to run/crawl off steam and practice his new locomotion skills. I took my children to Europe from the west coast when one was 8 months and the other 2. It was a tough flight since the two year old didn't sleep until an hour before we landed in Lisbon, and then she was up throughout the night for several nights in a row -- but she eventually fell into the new sleep schedule - just be prepared for that. I also found it helpful to have a layover in New York so we could get off the plane and run around for awhile.

Bring lots of toys and snacks and tons of diapers on the plane since you never know what kinds of delays you will face. Bring several changes of clothes for your son, too. But definitely go!

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