New travel trend for Parents with little ones

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New travel trend for Parents with little ones

The latest and greatest new trend of travel for parents with little ones (from 6mo +) are cruise vacations. You won't believe how great they are for the parent who is looking for fun with their family and a vacation themselves.The latest and greatest new trend of travel for parents with little ones (from 6mo +) are cruise vacations. You won't believe how great they are for the parent who is looking for fun with their family and a vacation themselves. Most major cruise lines like Carnival have full programs for all ages at no extra cost and they are "FUN" and they are educational and they have all kinds of things for your little one to be entertained like never before. In addition, you can go on an adult excursion at a port of call if your little one is too young and they will take care of your child while you get away a little. For a little extra fee like $5 an hour you can also stay out dancing, etc on the cruise ship until 2 or 3 am. I know the idea of vacation is for the whole family and the cruises have figured a way for parents to enjoy themselves a little while providing excellent care for your child. Cruises are no longer made up of senior citizens, it is young families looking to have some social time too. I HIGHLY recommend using MyCruiseLady, she will "hold your hand" through a cruise if it is your 1st time.

Oh Yea if you go to her website you can also register to WIN a free Cruise for Two.

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For some reason I was under

For some reason I was under the impression that cruises are a child-free environment, but it seems I've been mislead! There are many activities targeted at diverting the little ones so that both parents and kids can enjoy this lovely trip.

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Just make sure you KNOW your child doesn't get motion sickness. That could make for a long week at sea.

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I love to try this..

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I agree with Carnival Cruise because children are definitely going to enjoy it.

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Cruises are great for kids!


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Family rooms are generally small on cruise ships, and the affordable ones have 2 lower berths (like single beds) and then 2 that fold down from the walls at night, like table tops. the cabin steward will put in guardrails if you are traveling with little kids who might fall out. These cabins can get pretty tight, especially at "getting ready for dinner" time when everyone wants to see the mirror, etc. Closet / drawer space is usually at a premium too.

If your kids are old enough to stay alone, the best value of all is to get 2 cabins, an inside one with 2 beds (but no windows, ok for kids) and across the way, an outside cabin for the adults. However, if parents have to split up so each one stays with a little kid, then it's obviously lost a lot of the romance factor.

Family Suites, like on disney ships, can be nice but are really expensive.

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Never thought of that

I have to admit, I never thought of taking a cruise with my little ones before...

I have 3 kids ages 2-9 and we have started staying in [url=]vacation rentals[/url] almost exclusively now, as I find that hotel rooms are just too small... plus we love having a kitchen for snacks - which I guess isn't a big concern on a cruise ship...

I've never taken a cruise, are the cabins generally too small to be comfortably with a little one, or can you get bigger places with multiple rooms?

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I thought a cruise would be perfect for us too. But after reading their rules, it clearly states that a child has to be toilet-trained in order to be in the pool. I don't know if they (the cruise line) enforces it or not. Has anyone had this experience?

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Yes I agree with you that It

Yes I agree with you that It may best but before going on there we should take best protectation tool like travel insurance in accounts as many worst condition may comes during travel on cruise.

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Carnival Cruise is perfect for all ages. especially kids..

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This is a great idea, thank you.

I'm not in the position to be using in the near future but when I am I'll be considering it!

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