Any recommendations for a double stroller for travel

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Any recommendations for a double stroller for travel

Does anybody have recommendations for a stroller for two children, age 2 1/2and 11 months? We are flying from MA to FL for a cruise in September. We have a big Graco tandem stroller which we cannot bring because it is rather bulky. We were going to bring two cheap umbrella strollers and put them together. I do not think this will work though as they are hard to move, do not have any storage space and the handles will not support any bags at all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Double stroller recommendations for traveling

I would highly recommend the "Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller - Cubes" or "Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller - Sonic" Both of these strollers are actually on sale right now at [URL=]Babies R Us[/URL]

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Thanks for all the great tips!

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I also like the McLaren stroller for travel - it's very tough and light -- and holds up on the bumpiest of cobblestones. Very easy to fold and pack too.

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You need a Mclaren double or a Chicco double (is less $$ but heavier when carrying). I also would suggest the Skip Hop Duo diaper bag, look on line for deals, this bag is designed to fit on a double umbrella stroller without it tipping. I bought a used Mclaren on Craigs List a year ago for $25 and cleaned it up. My boys now 5 and 19m and 36.5 and 34lb use it all the time and it puses much easier than my tandem (which I gave away) I don't know why people hate side by side strollers. If you don't buy a side by side jogging stroller, they are no wider than a wheel chair. Also the heavier child sits in front in a tandem, which is hard to push as that child ages and gains weight. The weight in a side by side is less of an issue. Also both seats recline in a side by side where some tandems only have the baby seat reclining.

Good luck.

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