Where to take babies!?

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Where to take babies!?

My husband and I used to travel everywhere and we recently had a baby! We need to get some ideas of where to travel now that we are parents. All ideas welcome - how old should the baby be before starting to travel? How about travel gear? Any ideas?

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Where to take babies.

If you want child friendly hotels that will give your holiday with your family that extra special time knowing that your child is taken care of. South Africa, Cape Town has so many beautiful sceneries catering to all. Cape Town hotels have luxury and elegance and will provide you with world class accommodation.  In addition to that Cape Town has a lot of beautiful places that are baby friendly like Cango Caves, botanical gardens etc. There is play areas and childrens menus all in the name of a great holiday with family.

hotels with crèche facilities


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i agree with everyone. the easiest time to travel with babies is before they start walking. start close by till you gain your confidence and then you can expand to more adventurous destinations.

here's a story of two parents who spent the first year of their child's life traveling around the world, it may inspire you!


happy traveling!

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Where to take babies!?

You can travel everywhere with the baby when he/she is of some months and is not ill.
Start from easy and greeny areas and after baby crosses 1 years you can take him/her anywhere...

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It can be really tough to travel with babies, because of all the extra luggage you need. I would definitely focus on places you and your partner want to go to, because in a few years you'll have to consider your child's needs and wishes in the travel destination. You'll be doing a lot of the common kid things, so I say take this opportunity to see the places YOU want to see. Your baby won't know the difference :)

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Check out [url]www.tinytravelers.net[/url] - Lots of destination suggestions, resort reviews and travel tips for infants and toddlers.

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Traveling with really small children can be easier than when they have started to walk.

Depending on the age of your baby when you travel, a Baby Bjorn is compact and will allow you to be really mobile.. I highly highly recommend it, and my wife swears by it. Once they are a little older we tried a backpack type setup as well which worked really well... We walked around alot of Mexico with our first child on my back, and he just seemed to love it. We even made a little canopy for him for about $7 to keep the sun off of his head.


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Hmmm I'm not so sure that taking your baby to a museum or art gallery is important for the intellectual development of the baby.! They are just as stimulated going to the grocery store or neighborhood park. But if you want to go to the galleries and museums for your own sake, it's easiest to go when babies are small enough to be carried in a front or backpack.

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Begin to expose your baby to museums, art galleries, and other institutions that are nurturing and intellectually building. It is never too early to start a strong academic life for your child. There are plenty of articles, essays, and books out on the development of children brains in the early stages of life, maybe you might want to google the term "brain development in children."

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When they are small babies (under 1 year), continue with trips you guys want to take. There aren't really any great "baby destinations." When they are older, you can start looking at amusement park destinations and other such places.

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There is an article on my website (ParentProvisions) that discusses why you should take your car seat on board and describes the 4 different types of car seat carriers to make travel with your car seat much easier. Hope it helps!

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They sell some bags for your car seat but it
my carseat got damaged on the plane
and keep the kid up the day before and take a morning flight
they sleep

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Babies are really portable when they're really young, so once your little one is around three months and a bit more settled, it's a great time to travel. You can really take them just about everywhere, but I would avoid places where mosquito-born diseases would be an issue - they're skin is too tender for the rather nasty chemicals you need to put on to avod bites. It's easiest to travel if you are breastfeeding. I found between 3 and 8 months to be absolutely ideal. After that they get pretty wiggly and want to move around too much to be happy in a car or plane.

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