Traveling to Grandma's house

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Traveling to Grandma's house

We learned the hard way how to make visiting the grandparents work better for our baby. We have my mom pick up the kind of baby shampoo and lotion that we use at home so there are no allergy issues. We also bring our own Pack and Play crib so our baby sleeps in a familiar place. We loosened up about the schedule as we all wanted to do one fun thing per day. We planned it in the morning and just let the baby sleep in the stroller and carseat. Then in the afternoon we stayed home so the baby could get a really good nap. We found that being out all day made for a really crabby baby, but getting one really good normal nap in the afternoon was fine and a shorter nap in the morning didn't matter that much.

We also brought lots of extra toys and some that our baby hadn't seen before. We went out with my mom to some of the second hand stores and garage sales to buy toys and books and keep them on hand. That worked really well. She now has one closet where she cleared a shelf for items to pull out when we visit.

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We did the same thing. My mom picked up baby formula, diapers and wipes so that the only ones we had to pack where enough for the trip down. That made things so handy because those were the most bulky items! It is enough to travel with a baby and 2 small dog kennels also!

We used our Pack and Play once we got there, but found that our daughter didn't sleep well in it, but it was nice to have around just in case she was getting into something she wasn't supposed to. I find it is hard to discipline at someone else's house and that giving the child a small time out in the pack and play works out well for us.

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Yes, it's always best to keep the baby as close to her own sleeping schedule as possible. Also, check out these safety tips for Grammy and Pappa's house - they're not used to having little ones around, so a little extra precaution is worth taking:

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Thanks for this post.

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These all sound like great ideas! I totally agree about the necessity of at least one really good nap! We found the Pack and Play WAY too heavy! Especially for lugging on flights. We love, love, LOVE our [url= & Teds Traveller (Travel Cot)[/url]. At under 6lbs it weighs far less than our daughter and packs up compactly for travel. It's easy to assemble and disassemble and now that we've done it more than a few times we have it down to under 5 min. It's one of the best pieces of baby equipment we own!

Happy Travels!

Wendy and Ian Sewell

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