Making travel easy with babies and toddlers

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Making travel easy with babies and toddlers

It's all in the planning if you want smooth sailing on a trip with babies and toddlers.

If you are going to a hotel or resort, check with the resort before you go to see what kind of equipment and supplies they might have that will make your trip easier. Many have supplies to baby proof your hotel room as well as cribs, toys,bed rails, changing tables, potties, high chairs, and even strollers. The less you have to carry on the plane or in the car, the easier your trip will be.

Make sure you bring more diapers and food than you think you could possibly need on the plane or in the car. Travel delays are simply a routine part of travel and you need to be prepared!

If you're flying, don't check your stroller. You will most likely need it to get to your gate. You can check it as you board. You will have to fold your stroller or baby carrier and put it on the conveyor belt at security, so be ready for that before you even get in line.

As you approach the security line, be ready to make the process less stressful. Have your coats folded and in your carry on if it will fit. Wear shoes you can slip off easily. There's nothing more stressful than holding up traffic as you attempt to corral all your items and hang on to your baby in line. So be as ready as possible before you get in line.

And don't forget to back your child's favorite blanket or stuffed animal - it can help make a foreign crib or bed seem much more homey!

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prepare all children's stuff

when my kid was still infant like between birth until he reaches 5 years old, we always bring with us all the necessary personal stuffs that will be needed during the travel. we brought with us things like diapers, baby cologne, baby powder, sanitary pads, tissues, as well, powder milk, a small pot of hot water, and some foods. in this way, since we don't have a nanny with us, we will not be hampered to look around once our kid are into personal necessity moments.

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Travelling with toddlers are

Travelling with toddlers are not easy specially if you will ride air plane. So make sure your kids will be as sleep while on the flight. If they are awake they want to play in the hall way.

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i run a website for traveling with infants and toddlers and write about how to navigate airports, jetlag, tantrums, bad service etc. you can check it out at momaboard . com

my most important learning for long hauls: opt for a night flight (your kids will sleep), don't take the bulkhead (arm rests don't go up) and be relaxed - your kids will stress if you will!

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You can make your trip easier with your babies & toddlers by following these tips

- Keep vacations short
- Keep all necessary things for them in bag.
- Get airport early for smooth security checking
- Get your children involved in some positive play
- Keep away yourself from adventurous places/activities
- If going out of country, take doctor advice for vaccine avoiding any diseases

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Its very much important that you keep the necessary items with you that your infant will need during the journey. You have to make a list of these items and arrange for them to have a nice time otherwise you will disturb your infant and yourself as well.

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I had no idea that some hotels carried changing tables. This would have been really helpful when my child was younger. I guess from now on I should start calling the hotels to find out exactly what services they offer instead of just searching for them online!

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Thanks for this post.

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Top 10 Items to make Travel with Baby Easy and Fun


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I'm with you. A stop was unwanted for our first flight with baby but it turned out to be a blessing. Never know when you might like what the stop has more than the destination.

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If i have to travel cross country i try to find a flight that stops half way, like Denver or Houston or something. We get the chance to stretch and see something different Some people might think I'm crazy, but it really helps.

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