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Choose the right airline

It´s hard to choose airline. Especially when travelling with children. You know if you have done the right choice first afterwards. But we should have been more observant when the booking office of the airline we bought services from didn´t pay any attention when seated our 18 month baby girl 9 rows away from the nearest parent. We should have read the baggage information in detail before they smashed our 1 300 dollars stroller beyond recognition, without compensating us. Two other suitcases were broken as well. Our in-checked digital camera was stolen so we couldn't capture the moments of our first family vacation together. Will we be compensated, I don't know after 2 month of waiting. Learn our lesson, make research before you chose airline and never chose American Airlines.

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I would like to recomend you

I would like to recomend you to choose which airline where you are going or home airline. They will charge you less and give you extra comfort.

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that is really atrocious. unfortuantely airlines are trending to care less about families and more about business passengers (who hate families!) who pay the most money. i have compiled a list of airline policies for kids and find that US carriers are the worst in terms of their treatment of and attitude towards families.


You can find the full list on


Airlines that are known to be very kid-friendly are Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates. In the US, Southwest seems to be pretty popular with parents. You can also sign up with services like and have them ensure your seats are desirable and that you are compensated for damaged/lost property.


hope this helps avoid situations like yours in the future.



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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. We just flew Air New Zealand and had a great experience with them! They even have diapers and baby food on board!

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Wow! That is terrible. All airlines are not bad. I hope you try again.

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Wow Zorro, that's unbelievable! A lot of airlines are crappy with luggage, but the seating is incomprehensible!

We had a similar scenario coming back from LA, where our 5 year old got split up from either parent, and I was stunned that initially nobody would switch seats with us. Our little guy is crying and all the people cared about was their window and aisle seats. Eventually someone several rows back stepped up and helped us out, but it was shocking to me.

Sorry to hear about your issues, let us know how it turns out.

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your story is terrible, sound like everything went wrong with your flight on American Airlines. Can you post more information about it and maybe we can help you get money back for your damaged luggage, if not for every other hassle you had.

We'll try to help.

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