Baby forgotten in back seat of car

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Baby forgotten in back seat of car

There's a great video about backseat safety for babies and preschoolers at this link:

and it talks about how to remember when you've left your kid in the carseat, especially on a scorching hot summer day. They recommend you leave your cell next to the kid, so you remember to look behind you when you get out!

I've locked my kid in the car by mistake, and left him there for an hour while I looked for AAA to help me unlock the car, but luckily that was in winter.

Anyone else as forgetful as me?

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I have read a recent article

I have read a recent article of the same issue. Thank god, I have never experience such a horrible incidence not in the past been a victim.

Recently, in our area, a baby was forgotten in the parent's car. It was on the news and has disturbed me. Although I feel terrible for the parents it's beyond my understanding how a parent could forget their child in the car, in the heat of the summer. Seems the parents exchanged cars and nobody noticed the baby was in the car seat.

The parents are not going to be jailed. I agree with that decision as they have suffered enough. They don't need anymore punishment.

We have 2 children and I just can't imagine how this happened. Is there a reasonable validation for a horrible mistake such as this experience?

My heart hurts for the family.

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Thanks for this post.

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It's a great video :)
I don't understand this - people can remember to pick a mobile but forget a kid. My best advice is to look for the underlying problem - it is obvious that forgetfulness is a result of overworking oneself or being too anxious about something. People need to slow down and meditate.

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