Taking Baby & Toddlers to Disney World

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Taking Baby & Toddlers to Disney World

FTF offers advice on logistics, attractions, and rides for parents taking infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to the Happiest Place on Earth:

They may not always be old enough to beg to go yet, but chances are that tiny travelers greatly appreciate a Disney World family vacation. Whether sharing the spotlight with older siblings or getting all the attention, very young ones have a variety of attractions and facilities around the parks to help keep them happy, safe, and entertained.

Discover what the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom have in store for babies and toddlers visiting the parks. And if families are staying at a Disney property, parents may also hire in-room babysitters or take advantage of their property’s childcare program (group childcare caters to kids ages 4 and up) for a night out or easier mid-day errand running.

Read more about Walt Disney World with babies and toddlers now.

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Hey everyone I found a good article comparing Orlando theme parks that might be useful to some of you. check it out tinostravelblog.tumblr.com/post/1257476959

Anyway, I got one of the everything included deals with [URL="http://bookit.com/travel-ideas/all-inclusive/"]Bookit.com All-Inclusive[/URL] and it was pretty good. the kids had fun and got totally over excited, but at least I didnt have to worry about ticket for the parks and everything.

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thanks, I checked it out and that's a great idea about a custom map for the kids. Also like your site, very useful stuff, thanks!

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@RMatthews-don't miss out on Animal Kingdom with your kids! It is a really fun place and my son just loves seeing all the animals and shows. We just went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios and both ended up being a lot more fun for my 4 year than I thought they would be. Going to every park can be really pricey so if you can only hit one or two, really research it online beforehand. Disney even has a tool on their website to let you make your own "map" of the each park to help you get the most out of your day. I used it with my son before we went and let him pick out the things that most interested him.

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Great advice, I wish they had the ride switcher policy when we took our kids long ago. But with that said we still had a great time and our son was only 3 at the time. Can't remember how many times I rode the Dumbo ride with him. :) Now that my kids are older we are planning a return trip to take advantage of the Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios, we didn't have a chance to go these parks last time, and think the kids will love them now.

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