Infant-Friendly Hotel in Rome...any recommendations?

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Infant-Friendly Hotel in Rome...any recommendations?

We are traveling to Rome, Italy with our 5 month old twins and are looking for recommendations for a hotel that is infant friendly!
I know from past experience that hotel rooms in Europe tend to be smaller that those in the US...especially in ancient capitals! and now we will be with our babies as well as the "stuff" they come with!

Any and all help/info/recommendations are appreciated!

Thanks! :-)

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Any hotel will allow your

Any hotel will allow your infant child free of charge, cribs are brought to your room (also free) upon request. So there is NO ACTUAL need for asking a special hotel, the more important issue is your budget allowance room/ night.

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Rome is an astonishing and appealing city, but many people assume it is not kid-friendly. However, what could be a better way to bring history to life than ancient ruins from an empire that spanned the globe? This doesn’t even factor in the excellent food, art, culture and the overall energy of this vibrant city. Perhaps you’ve heard that Rome isn’t the most hospitable place for children and families, but don’t be fooled! Families with children of all ages will find no shortage of interesting family-friendly activities around nearly every corner in Rome. The trick to having a successful family vacation in Rome and keeping your sanity along the way is all in the pre-planning. If your children are old enough, get them involved by sharing ideas for places to visit and setting up a rough itinerary for your visit before you go

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congratulations on twins -- sounds lke you'll have both hands full, but Rome is a great place to visit with kids. One of our Italian editors just updated this story about Rome hotels, and there are a few that sleep 4-5 in the rooms and have loaner cribs.


Take a look and feel free to ask more questions - buon viaggio!

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