Highway 1 road trip

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Highway 1 road trip

We (myself, husband, daughter aged 23, son aged 20 and daughter aged 5) are planning a holiday to California for next August 2011. We are having four nights in San Francisco and then driving highway 1 staying a few nights in maybe three places until we get to LA. We don't want to spend time in LA particularly. As we have a five year old we are trying to keep the driving down (hence just doing the highway 1 trip) and want to include some 'beach holiday' elements to the trip for the little one. However, our older kids may well want somewhere to go at night, so that would also be good. If anyone has any tips, ideas for places to stay, especially along highway 1, I would be very interested to hear them. I am thinking Monterey, Cambria and perhaps Santa Barbara or Santa Monica, but would be interested to hear alternatives, and also very interested to hear of any recommendations for hotels. We dont want to spend the earth and actually dont mind all sleeping in one room if any motels do this. I suppose we are looking at spending about £50 per person per night on lodging.
Anyway I am sure you get the gist of all this, (and you have probably heard it all before), but any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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If you are planning to enjoy long trip then Its better for you. I also suffered during my visit to Europe with little kids.
You should plan first your accommodation, transportation and take necessary things for children before leaving.
I think you have good options for hotels. So now, consider for various location where you would like to visit.

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Well one should not miss to see Monterey. Pebble Beach is also nearby (If you're a golfer). And If you go further North along the coast, you'll hit SF, then the Marin Headlands, then further north, the Muir Redwoods, which is also very popular.

Mount Shasta is also pretty fun, but I don't know if you'll be going that far North (As it's the only real tourist attraction in the area)

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Not sure how long you have in total, maybe 2 weeks? And forget about the beach time with the little one. YOu can get out of the car and run around, but the Pacific Ocean is very rough and very cold so there are few swimming areas until you get closer to Santa Monica. Still, it's beautiful ride and there are many fun place to stop along the way.

This is a such a great family road trip that it's very popular, so you'll want to book your hotels by mid-June so you are sure to get what you want. Here's an article that may help as it follows along the route miles:

For hotels, you might want to consider a chain like Best Western or Hampton Inn, as both have lots of hotels throughout California, many have pools, most offer free breakfast and will sleep 4 in a room or junior suite (and maybe 5). If you stay in one place you can use the "points" you earn to offset the cost of rooms on subsequent nights.

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