Best Season To Visit Italy

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Best Season To Visit Italy

Can anybody tell me the best season to travel in Italy? Is there any benefits, travelling offseason?

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Best time to visit Italy

Hi Kathleen,
I think it depends on a lot of things. Have you got any kids? Are they going to school? Which wheather do you prefer?
If you have kids, who don't go to school yet, it has a lot of benefits. You can travel off-season and save some money. There aren't that much tourists in the hotels as well. This year, I travel to one of the Belvita hotels in Italy. If you like to have a look:
I have to travel in-season because my children (8 & 10 years) are going to school. It is more expensive but I like to spend time with my children and my husband.

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Best time to Visit Italy

Whenever you want to go to Italy, the temperature should be calm, and comfortable. The crowd should not be so intense. The best month to traveling in Italy are from April to June and mid-September to October.

Be honest!

May and June are not good for visitors because you will see the highest hotel prices there.

August is the worst month in most places. Not only does it get uncomfortably hot, muggy, and crowded, but seemingly the entire country goes on vacation, at least from August 15 onward.

Many family hotels, restaurants, and shops are closed. You will have many urban places almost to yourself if you visit in August.


Just be aware that fashionable restaurants and nightspots are usually closed for the whole month.

Hope this will help you.

Not need to say thanks to me.

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Best Things To Do in Venice With Kids

Hi Kathleen,  Traveling to Italy is a life changing expirence, espically if you are with your family. We recommend going anytime, if you are looking for weather: spring and summer are the way to go, but if you are looking for a more authentic expirence: fall and winter are your families best bet. I recently wrote a blog about the "Best Things To Do in Venice With Kids," it's an all-inclusive list that shows you the best activites to that is fun for the whole family and keep you and your children engaged!

-Family Twist :)

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With more affordable hotel rates

With more affordable hotel rates and ideal weather, spring and fall might be the best time to visit Italy -- from April to June and September to October, according to Frommers' travel guide. The climate is generally benign, with sunny skies and comfortable daytime temperatures, making it ideal for sightseeing. Popular attractions are not as crowded. A jacket is likely to be necessary at night, but outdoor dining is still enjoyable. In the countryside, wildflowers cover the hills in spring, and in the fall the land is painted in golds and browns that are warm and welcoming.

#Ref: Click here

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I personally prefer travelling to Italy

I personally prefer travelling to Italy in the Spring. I have family there so I have been during all seasons, but the Spring has been the most enjoyable for me. You beat all of the Summer tourists and prices for airfare and hotels are quite reasonable, so long as you avoid Easter. Easter is heavily observed in Italy and taken much more serious than in the U.S. most places are closed around that time so you'd likely be very limited in the number of open shops and restaurants you'd find. But suring the Spring before/after Easter is great. There are many great Spring festivals  and cultural events (namely flower festivals and Infiorata events). Plus, there are more hours of daylight in the Spring which gives you more time to explore. 

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