A trip with my friends

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A trip with my friends

I want to know if anyone has traveled on a small ship cruise. I have been planning a trip with my friends, and that is when I heard about small ship adventures. We are planning to go to Cuba, because we have heard a lot about the place, so it had been on our wishlist for some time. I searched online for more information, to see if there are cruises to Cuba, and found this, https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/cuba-2017/default.aspx  , it is a 9-day trip. But since I have never traveled on a small cruise, I have some questions. Are wifi connections available on board? Is there any kind of dress requirements, and what about laundry services? If anyone has any experience of traveling on a small ship, please help me. Thanks.

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This would be more of a question

This would be more of a question for the Cruise Ship Provider.  After looking over their information, this provider looks as though they barely are making it, and have limited resources.  I doubt there is Wi-Fi on board, and their itinerary won't even come up; it simply sas it's not found.  I'd be very leary of booking through these guys. 


We prefer to use the Royal Caribbean family, who does indeed go to Cuba in conjunction with Cozumel on a 6-day, 5-night tour from Miami aboard the Empress of the Seas. 


Give us a call with any questions, including prices, and we'll take care of the rest.


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