Required Documents For Travel With Minors

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Solo Parents, Grandparents and Guardians can satisfy legal requirements before crossing international borders with minor children by using these Permission to Travel And Children's Consent forms.

The Family Travel Forum community has learned the hard way that you need this paperwork: in the special FTF report “Permission To Travel Letters And Why You Need Them,” we interview consular officers, immigration agents and tourism officials to explain why.

•  Permission to Travel or Consent to Travel Letter

Whether you’re married and leaving a spouse behind to work; grandparents taking grandchildren on vacation; same sex couples with adopted children; a divorced parent on a road trip to Canada -– even a military family trying to reunite for a holiday -- you should be carrying notarized copies of the proper Children's Consent Forms or Permission to Travel documentation. This is the form to use if you're friends and family traveling with a minor child.

•  Minor Consent to Travel Form

The same regulations apply to minors under 18 who are leaving the United States with school groups, teen tours, or friends on a vacation. If the supervisors of your child's tour have not provided their own, you can use the email request form below to obtain a sample one. This is the form used for school / tour groups who are supervising travel with your minor child.

•  Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

Additionally, FTF recommends that travelers vacationing with children other than their own carry a Medical Treatment Authorization Letter assigning them responsibility for a child’s care in case of medical emergency. This optional affidavit does not have to be notarized but we strongly recommend you also carry a copy of the minor child's health insurance information..

Obtain the Necessary Forms Now

A sample of each of these forms may be requested via the email form below. Please note that as of June 1, 2015, the country of South Africa will require much more stringent paperwork for minors traveling by air, sea or land into and through the country. A full list of Requirements for Minors Travelling Internationally can be viewed here.

Get Blank Consent Forms & Required Documents Now

Crossing borders with children is serious business, and Permission to Travel, Medical Treatment Authorization and Consent for Minor Travel Letters could save your next vacation.  To obtain them, please complete the following request, then check your email inbox and/or spam filter. After you confirm your email address, you will be sent instructions to download the three forms that you can fill out and use.  Remember that Permission to Travel and Consent Forms for Minor Travel should be signed and notarized. Keep blank copies to use on future trips.

To keep you up-to-date with ever-changing travel safety and security regulations, you will be subscribed to the FTF travel alerts e-mail list  You may unsubscribe at any time. We do not sell, barter or trade your personal information. Read Family Travel Forum's Privacy Policy if you have concerns.

And most importantly, safe there and safe home!


Please fill in this form to request Travel Documents by email, and check your spam filter if you do not receive them within a few minutes. Safe Travels!

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Don't Forget! A Few More Tips!

Be sure your child carries two copies of every notarized document (even a photocopy may work) in case an immigration or border official decides they need to keep one for their files.

•  Additional Travel Documentation and ID

Regardless of where you travel outside the United States, when you are crossing a border by land, sea or air you will need to have proper identification documents for each traveler in addition to the above letters.  Please see the Customs & Border Protection Site if you are unsure about the type of ID documents you and your family need.

•  Travel Insurance Really Works!

If you're prepaying a big vacation with flights, hotels, cruises or any other non-refundable fee -- or just worried about a "what if" moment when traveling with someone else's child -- getting a family travel insurance policy is a good investment, and costs less than you think.

If you have any questions or would like to read more about why these papers are requirements and how rules are enforced, read “Permission To Travel Letters And Why You Need Them."

If you're still unsure, feel free to get in touch with our office and we'll do our best to help out. Thanks for your attention to this critical matter!

Note! This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.


Travel to Costa Rica

My 16 yr old is planning to go to Costa Rica with an 18yr old and a 19 yr old.  What papers do I need to fill out and have him bring?

Submitted by D.A. to moderator

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Forms needed for Costa Rica trip

This article explains the forms that we recommend and why they are needed for the 16-year-old: 

There is a field within the article where you can input your email address to request that blank forms are sent to you. Please check your Inbox and spam filter for a confirmation email that will ‘confirm’ your request, and once you have clicked on it, you should get a second email with the forms themselves.

Do we need Kids Travel Docs for Transit Countries?

Traveler Carla K asks:

My eleven year old son will be traveling with his grandmother to Vietnam and Cambodia. They will have a plane change in Korea (which will be a port of entry, so I assume they will go through immigration and customs here as well). 

This is my question: Do I need to sign and notarize three separate forms (one per country)?

Our answer:

We are not attorneys but we recommend that you have several copies of the same form, and that the form include the travel information about the whole itinerary. In terms of changing planes, there may not be a need to go through Immigration in Korea. However, if you have an original form that mentions all the flights/countries within a broad range of travel dates, and have photocopies that grandparents can leave behind if requested by an Immigration official, they should be fine.

We wish your son and his grandmother a safe and fun trip — it certainly sounds like a fascinating journey to us.Thank you and please get in touch with other questions.


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In Nepal Many tourist visit

In Nepal Many tourist visit with their Child with lack of information this information is very helpful for those and i think all the tourist implemnts these rules on himself and careful...

While it doesn't require

While it doesn't require quite the same amount of preparation to travel with kids inside the U.S. as it does to take those same kids out of the country, you do have to make sure you are prepared for your next domestic travel adventure.

Medical Treatment Authorization Letter

While this is very important to have while traveling abroad, many people don't understand  how valuable it can become if your child is traveling with someone other than a guardian within the US also.

Whenever our kids leave the state with friends and their family for vacations, we always provide a Medical Treatment Authorization Letter - it gives you peace of mind that there will be no worries in case your child gets sick or injured while away.

Applying same regulations to

Applying same regulations to minors under 18 who are leaving the United States with school groups, teen tours, or friends on a vacation. Supervisors of your child's tour have not provided their own, you can use the email request form obtain a sample Permisson to Travel or Minor Consent to Letter form. Honestly..


This is the best for the kids. We avoid  horrible things to protect our children better, a greater focus is required on "little things" like this.


binare optionen

Very true and agree with the

Very true and agree with the above post, as I have recently travelled with one of the minor and I was cross checking with your post, its completely correct.


Travelling with children is a

Travelling with children is a very big headache because you need to consider a lot of things like the things that they need e.g clothes, foods, toys because toys are very important for them its their happiness and most important is the documents like passport and etc. But with all this headache we can be at ease when we see our children happy in our vacation tour.



Documents are very important

Documents are very important in every travel you made abroad because this serves as your entry pass to other country. This also serves as a document that you have no criminal liability in your country. In traveling with minors we should all get the travel documents so that we will not be accused of kidnapping a minor this is a proff that the minor you are bringing is your relatives or your family.

With some countries, it's

With some countries, it's more difficult than others. I know as far as Switzerland, many countries require a visa to get in, even for small children. It may not be the case in other countries in the European Union. There are also specific guidelines when it comes to student exchanges. Kind regards, Wallace

Traveling is something that

Traveling is something that often requires a lot of thought and planning - everything from booking the flight to finding a hotel with good rates. This and much more needs to be done before travelers can pack their bags and leave on their holiday getaway or business trip. For a lot of travelers, there is another step involved in the travel planning process and that is purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance provides a safeguard for travelers should their travel plans be canceled, luggage lost or a medical emergency occur while away from home.

Why do they make it so hard?

Why do they make it so hard to travel with minors?

It is obvious that people who are traveling with minors would have less probability to makme trouble, so why all those documents and hassle?

If you are the sole parent

If you are the sole parent taking your child, call ahead to see what the other parent must do in order for your child to be approved. You may also want to ask other questions as well. One great question to ask is what paperwork you need to bring with you. 


You may think that travel

You may think that travel insurance isn't necessary, and that you have planned your vacation perfectly. Things like when to board the flight, where to stay, and when to come back would have been included in your plan; but what if you have to change your plan and get back early? Or what if you met with an accident or fell ill, which of course you were not prepared for?


Thank for the details


Thank you for complete guidelines. "Required Documents For Travel With Minors"  is what i was searching for. i planed to go to europe with my family and i worried about required documents which could be missed. You remind us that, thank you.

Joke from

Answer: Group Travel with Teens Across the USA

Hi Debbie,

You will want he Medical Authorization Form from each child's parents with a photocopy of their insurance card.

Then you can use the last form which is for group tours, school outings etc. It is fine for domestic travel, Include travel info for each child so that parents assign you guardianship for certain period of time only.

Get these forms notarized. Make several photocopies in case an adventure tour operator wants to keep one. Or, if you all travel on same flights, get one long form, like a petition, and be sure both of each child's parents or guardians sign it.

You should be fine with it. Does the hotel know? Many states say it is illegal for a minor to occupy a room without an adult present. You may need connecting rooms guaranteed.

Enjoy the trip and write about what you did!

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What Do I Need? Traveling with a Group of Teens Across USA

JaguarZ writes to the Admin with a very good question:

I will be traveling to Hawaii, originating on the eastcoast, with 4 minors (only 1 is my child) - they will all be 17 at the time of travel.  I need to be able to "act as their guardian" -- for example, sign waiver forms for activities, seek medical coverage if necessary.
I found a form or two on the site, but they seem geared toward international travel and do not seem to include the ability to "sign the waiver forms" I mention above.  Any suggestions?  I realize I may be able to get some of these forms signed before we leave, BUT for those activities they decide on when we are there -- H E L P!
Thank you so much for your anticipated support

Thanks for being part of our Family Travel Forum community!

Informative content

A very well written and informative content here, Buddy! Now, I don't need to searc for more websites to check what documents to bring when traveling with minors. Fantastic job! I appreciate your kindness of sharing this with us.

As a travaler I know how

As a travaler I know how important role can play a travel documents during travle time. Thanks for sharing this awesome input here. :)



It is simply true that in the

It is simply true that in the travel Documents With Minors can play a significant part. It can help traveler from various side on their traveling. So should keep travel documents during travel time. Thanks mate. :)

If whose is going on any

If whose is going on any business or personal travel trips, so definitely they have carefully put in bags of their all personal identifications, for any types inquiries. Really this information’s are more valuable for all traveling persons. So thank you very much for share some amazing concept.

I think most of these

I think most of these documents are those that people know well, but for new travelers this guide help in a sense that people often get confuse on how to tackle basic things even. This post share very useful and important points which are to be followed while traveling.


Well I really have faced this sort of problems a lot and I know what goes behind this. 



Travelling in any country has become very difficult and it is really irritating people a lot.



No there is no limit on the

No there is no limit on the number of minors that their legal guardian can travel with. Just be sure that you have all the minors' names and passport numbers noted on the Travel Permission Letter. Have a good trip! 

travel planning is full of uncertainty

It doesn’t matter whether it is Edinburgh, or just a road trip to two states over.
The world of travel planning is ever-changing and full of uncertainty.

Booking travel sucks – even if you’re excited about the trip!

When you plan travel, you routinely run into things like:
    Airline pricing that changes just as you reach the checkout screen.
    Every hotel has both 1 star and 5 star reviews. (Love it? Hate it? Who the heck knows.)
    Should you drive or take the train? How much walking will there be? Do you need to pre-book the taxis?

You’ve gotten the time off from work. After asking around on Facebook and conferring with a few friends, you decided on a destination – well, you’ve at least narrowed it down to 3 or 4, but it depends on the prices and availability.

document papers

i dont want my traveling vacation having trouble with government system, i will paying for attention of any possibility of traveling document if i will go somewhere without know it first

I think the same regulations

I think the same regulations apply to minors under 18 who are leaving the United States with school groups, teen tours, or friends on a vacation.

To ensure that evaluations

To ensure that evaluations are based on documents that are accurate and valid, WES adheres to strict and specific document requirements for each country

You should carry a carrying

You should carry a carrying bag also. As how to handle these many documents? And these documents are must where ever you travel in the world.

Awesome Post

this post is great. i dont have kids yet but it will indeed help me in the future. i have to read the other articles here, seems very informative i must say.


How do the procedures in applying for passports? Hopefully this information can help you.

 You should apply in person to the Immigration Office.
 Ask for Receipt Petition to the counter clerk.
 Ask for a receipt of payment your passport to the clerk / cashier.

Minors under age 16

Minors under age 16 must apply in person; All minors regardless of age, including newborns and infants, must have their own passport when traveling

Want to make a

Want to make a passport? You can take care of their own passport, do not need a passport service agency.

Really Travelling with

Really Travelling with Childer is stuff. in Nepal Many tourist visit with their Child but Nepali travel agents are really professional so they give perfect service. As I am working on  many travel sites and got such information by my clients.