Children of the U.S.A. Spreads Diversity

Author: Jennifer Moore

Tags : Kids, Shopping

FTF reviews a new book that teaches children about the different cultures across the nation, showing that there is no such thing as a "typical" American kid.

The latest Global Fund for Children Book (GFC), Children of the U.S.A. celebrates the diversity within the 50 states and is filled with images of cultural events, like kids dressed in culturally traditional gowns for parades and festivals, as well as pictures of ordinary kid activities, like Kool-Aid stands and days at the beach. The GFC Book Series tries to promote global understanding and give children a wider perspective. Like all GFC books, portions of the proceeds are used to support smaller community-based organizations funded by GFC. These groups help those youth that are left in a vulnerable state, from those left homeless from Hurricane Katrina to orphans in Uganda.

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Name:Children of the USA Maya Ajmera, Wakim Yvonne Dennis, Arlene Hirschfelder & Cynthia PonBest for Ages:9-12 years oldPrice:$23.95User Rating:

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