What's the closest airboat tour near Miami?

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What's the closest airboat tour near Miami?


I am planning trip to Miami for 3 nights with family. It's been my dream to go on an airboat ride forever. The problem is we'll be flying in from MIA, staying in South Beach, won't be renting a car and, of course, we have limited time. So what's a good airboat tour company near Miami Beach that could meet our needs?

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Everglades Airboat Tours

The part of the Everglades that most people tour by airboat is up near Ft. Lauderdale, and that's where you'll really get into the park.  However, the Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead (maybe a half hour from Miami) is a private alligator farm where your family can go out on an airboat and see the gators.  It's much smaller of course, but it will give you a taste for airboats if you don't want to drive the 2 hours + up to the Lauderdale entrance to Everglades park.

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