My Travel ToDo List Includes Airport Parking

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I’m particularly interested in travelling with children as I am a mother of 3 myself, and I have picked up some great tips and advice on travelling with children. So, if you’re looking for a way to alleviate some travel stress and save money, make sure you add reserving a spot at the airport to your ToDo list.
Reserved parking at the airport isn’t just for VIPs! I've found however, that every time my family’s used it we’ve certainly received first-class service and a premium spot.
I enjoy reading other family holiday articles along with viewing some fantastic family photos from all around the world. We like to plan ahead because the annual vacation is something my entire family looks forward to.
While the kids start counting down the days till our departure, I typically have a long checklist of things to do before we leave:

  1. call the hotel to confirm our room reservations
  2. book the pet sitter
  3. pause the newspaper delivery
  4. check the airlines’ baggage policy to determine our carry-ons.

And now, I always remember to reserve a parking space at the airport for the SUV. No, we’re not VIPs or parkers with special needs. I have discovered that if I reserve a parking space at our local airport it saves us time and money.
By spending just a few minutes pre-picking my spot, I’ve been able to avoid the hassle of searching for a spot while saving up to 50% off what I would have paid by just pulling into a garage and taking a ticket from the machine.
Pre-booking an airport parking space is as simple as making an online flight or hotel reservation -- just log on to the site, enter your travel dates, and take your pick of lots and spots.
Airport parking reservation sites like offer a choice of on or offsite airport lots, nearby outdoor parking lots or a garage, all at a discounted rate. In addition to the convenience and savings, I find that a lot of the parking reservation sites also offer special courtesies and incentives that make travel easier for us. 
For instance, if you reserve your space through AirportParkingReservations, the company also provides a shuttle service from all its off-site lots, as well as baggage assistance.
If you’ve ever tried to lug 3 big suitcases plus our 5 carry-ons and the 3 kids from an airport parking lot to the terminal, you know why I love this service.
Some lots even offer other services, such as washing, waxing, and detailing our car, so the SUV is shiny and clean when we arrive back from our trip.
If that's not VIP treatment, what is?