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Author: Meganrut09

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Journey To Find Love In Chicago

Over a year ago, I met someone who changed my life. As a teenager, I spend a lot of spare time browsing the Internet. One point during those lonely summer days, a boy from Chicago, named Tim, messaged me. We began chatting quite frequently after that, but myself being from California, and having 2,070 miles in-between us, I never expected this to last more than a week.

Author: Michaela McNeece

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The City of Lost Souls

Although my story is not considerably phenomenal, it is unique. Because unlike most, I will not tell you a memory of greatness, but rather one of realization. When asked about your greatest journey most would relate to their trip to Europe, South America, Asia or anywhere that brings fond memories to the mind. But my greatest journey was not far, nor was it stunning. In fact, it was quite heartbreaking.

Author: H. Nies

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Alive and Coarse and Strong and Cunning (Or, How I Learned to Be Independent by Getting Lost in Downtown Chicago)

(Title taken from Chicago by Carl Sandberg)

The thing about going to Chicago is that you have to realize the city will inevitably steal your heart. With skyscrapers stretching to the crowds, the hustle and bustle, and the occasional rumbling of the El-train, Chicago is somehow simultaneously modern and brimming with old charm.

Author: Kyle McCarthy

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Making Lemonade on an Emergency Airport Layover

I got a pound of lemons: an air traffic delay in Fort Lauderdale, a flight cancellation, being rerouted to Chicago O’Hare, an accident at LaGuardia, emergency airport closures, and a snow alert that forced me to spend 26 hours at an airport hotel.

If not for that, I might never have “made lemonade” in Rosemont, Illinois. Seemingly a suburb of the world’s busiest airport (measured by flight operations), Rosemont is home to the DES Convention Center and an aggregate of family activities, despite there being “no there there.”

Note! This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.

Author: Talah Bakdash

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A Convergence of East and West

     I knew what city my mom was born in: Chicago. I knew what city my dad was born in: Damascus. However, I never truly got to drive through my culture and watch the images of what make me up zoom past the window. This was up until the summer of 2008. I had my new camera (a little pink point and shoot) and I was ready to take it wherever my Syrian American ties would take me.

Author: Erin Mayer

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Wrong Turn Made Right

        During the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to travel from my suburban town in Minnesota to Chicago with my youth group from church. We went with the goal to show the love of God to every person we came in contact with. We had a thirst to serve. Not to show that we were better, or perfect, simply to show the unconditional love that we experience every day from God. It was my first mission trip and I was nervous. I had just finished my eighth grade year; my life was changing rapidly. High School loomed ahead of me. I was trying to figure out who I was.

Author: Olivia

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I Think It Really Is My Kind of Town

This past spring break, my family and I embarked on a vacation to Chicago. Our main intention was to visit the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, so that I could get a feeling for the location and atmosphere of some of the colleges that I am applying to in the fall. These institutions were both a part of the city and in their own campus bubble.

Author: Ryan Reynolds

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My Family was Blown Away by the Windy City

A few days after school got out my family headed to the windy city and to our surprise the wind was not the only thing that blew us away. The attractions kept us amazed each and every day we were in Chicago, Illinois. Although my dad and I were excited about going to our thirteenth and fourteenth Major League Baseball Stadiums, my sister and mom were excited about the American Girl Doll store. With many sites to see and only a few days to do so my family headed out on our annual family vacation.

Author: Wesley Huang

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Blown Away by the "Windy City"

On the plane ride from San Francisco International Airport to O’Hare International Airport, I thought about great American cities. New York City and Los Angeles came to mind right off the bat. What about Chicago? What’s so great about Chicago? No iconic tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty or the Hollywood sign came to mind. Willis Tower? Please. Recently, many new buildings in the Far East had topped its ranking amongst tallest buildings in the world.

Author: Griffin Scott-Rifer

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The Most Important Lesson I've Ever Learned on Vacation