Author: Sarah Hordern

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The Old World: Israel

Author: Shanna Fuld

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The Deal on Israel

At age fifteen, I found myself on a plane with my family taking a fourteen-hour flight from JFK Airport into Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. After my freshman year of high school, no reward could have been greater than my parents allowing me to visit my aunt, uncle, and eight cousins in a religious Jewish community outside of Jerusalem. Aside from being enthusiastic about traveling, I was apprehensive about fitting into the restrictive orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Betar Illit, Israel.

Author: Dylan Grant Muller

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My Trip to Home

Author: Katherine Landesman

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“Traveling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. –Ibn Battuta

Although I have not traveled nearly as much as Ibn Battuta, I have almost as much to tell.  Through two short trips to the Middle East, I have gained the knowledge and experience one may gain in ten years.  When I first arrived at Ultimate Peace camp in Akko, Israel, I was ignorant.  I knew our goal was to “build bridges of friendships” between the Arabs and the Jews through the awesome sport of Ultimate Frisbee.  However, I had absolutely no idea what that would entail aside from actually playing the best sport invented.

Author: Hannah

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From Auschwitz to the Negev

Last summer I went on a trip that changed how I view the world. I traveled with NFTY (an international Jewish youth organization) with a hundred other teens to Europe and Israel for five weeks. The trip was designed for Jewish teens to see the past of our ancestors in Europe and the future of our people in Israel. I was fortunate to be grouped with many of my childhood friends.

Author: Erica Snyder

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Kicking and Screaming; Israel

Author: Not-Too-Shabby-Abby

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The King in the Holy Land

I stared at it. What stood before me was utterly unexpected and made me reconsider the sanity of the human race. I had always known some of the Israelis were a little out of touch with the rest of the world, but this undoubtedly verified my theory.

Author: Jessica Benmen

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Desert Experience

This past summer I spent a month in Israel with a Jewish tour group, and over that period of time I set some personal records. To list a few, there was longest time spent without sending a text message, most sweating done over the course of a day, and let’s not forget my first (and hopefully last) experience nature-peeing. I discovered that in Israel the iced coffee is better, the falafel is better, and there’s a regrettable absence of good Mexican food.

Author: Michael Tuccio

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I guess what I'm trying to say is...


We just landed. This is the saddest landing of my life. I was soaring from the moment we left 10 days ago until now. My spirits have come down 30,000 feet with the plane.


I feel that I learned more about human beings than about Judaism and Israel on this trip. One could argue I didn’t learn about humans, but rather I learned about Jews. Regardless, I learned about people. And I must say how much I love people, and being one myself. Before this trip I had notions that were so wrong, and I am so glad to be free of them.

Author: Adam Gabay

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Finding My Peace in a War-Zone


I am an immigrant in my own country.  Although born in the United States, I did not speak a word of English until age five.  This greatly upset my American grandmother who could not even speak to her first grandson.  My parents, however, wanted me to be truly bilingual, so they enforced a strict Hebrew-only policy.  Today, some of my friends tease me for a slight accent in my English.  I don’t mind.  My idiosyncrasy allows me to have the confidence to be outside the mainstream.