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Author: Stephanie Hamborsky

Tags : Africa, Heritage, Israel, Middle East

Dead Sea Diplomacy

I won't deny my apprehension when first spotting a large group of Palestinians near the edge of the saline wonder that is the Dead Sea. With the media riling for decades regarding the neverending ideological rift between the Jewish Israelis and Muslim Palestinians, I worried about the Arabs forming negative stereotypes before even speaking to me.

I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

Author: Christopher Asher

Tags : Africa, Exploring, Israel, Middle East, Quarter Finalist

Boons and Bedouins

Every two years, my school, Augustine Christian Academy, hosts a trip to Israel for the junior and senior classes.  Twenty-six students and teachers participated on this excursion to the exotic Middle East, home of the Land flowing with Milk and Honey. 

Author: Jessica Haddad

Tags : Africa, Israel, Middle East

Destination Lowest Point on Earth

Author: Yolanta Bzdyk

Tags : Africa, Heritage, Israel, Middle East, Quarter Finalist

A Trip to the Motherland

“Guys, guess what? We are going to Israel!  Yes, you heard it right, Israel!”  Those were my mother’s first words at the beginning of February of 2011, and she would not stop repeating them. When I first heard Israel, I thought I misunderstood my mom and that she was going crazy, but I was so wrong! This adventurous trip all started when my aunt and my mom got together and came up with the idea of visiting the Holy Land in order to see where Jesus was born, before any war outbreaks occurred in the Middle East.

Author: N/A

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Israel through the Eyes of Jesse

      A pilgrimage is when an individual travels to a place that has major religious significance to that person.  In the Jewish religion, a pilgrim goes to Israel.  A pilgrim can be any size, religion, or age.  This time, I was the pilgrim, a taller than average twelve-year old Jewish boy.

Author: Lea Cordova

Tags : Africa, Israel, Middle East, Volunteering

Mission Israel

Author: Mekarem Eljamal

Tags : Africa, Heritage, Israel, Middle East, Semi Finalist

Vacation of Security

Ten hours, four sets of security, three new stamps in my passport, two take-offs, two movies, and two landings, the bi-annual family vacation to Lyd had begun. For most people the most eye opening part of a trip is the actual trip, the activities, people, events, but for me things changed with each security checkpoint. 

Author: Danielle Campbell

Tags : Asia, City Break, Israel, Middle East, Museums & Culture

My Newfound Sentiment

Israel is a blossoming new country in the Middle East, but ancient tensions plague the area. These tensions often spill over into modern news.  The fighting paired with footage of old buildings made me fear Israel, so when my mom proposed a trip there for our Spring Break in 2010, I was apprehensive.  However, my mother had attended a study abroad program there and we only lived a short plane ride away in England, so my mother got us packing.