Family Adventure And Educational Tours

Author: Family Travel Forum Staff

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Ready to plan the next big family adventure? Read on for FTF's short list of educational and family-oriented tour operators and the current schedule of guided adventures.

Whether you're interested in those led by an educational institution, or trips run by experienced tour operators who are committed to helping families see the world, here are the top reviewed, kid-friendly guided tours around the globe.

Educational Guided Tours for Families

Despite several years of tough times for the travel industry, some family-specific, educational trips from major American museums and highly-recommended adult tour operators continue to be offered. Expect suberb guides and naturalists, quality accommodations and dining, and someone on staff to focus on the interests of young travelers. Children's rates typically apply to ages 12 and under, with discounts for families who share a room. Contact these organizations by phone or website for up-to-date rates and schedules, .

American Museum of Natural History Expeditions' Family Programs
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024
These trips are run and guided by the experts at New York's American Museum of Natural History, and family tours have a focus on environmental and wildlife issues. "Experiences of Lifetime" and a "Galapagos Family Adventure" are two recent family itineraries. Children are welcome on a variety of expeditions heading to the Hawaiian Islands, Europe's Waterways, New Zealand, the Mediterranean and more.  While fees may seem high, a portion of the revenue goes to support the museum's extraordinary work.

Lindblad Expeditions & National Geographic
96 Morton Street
New York, NY 10014
From the purveyor of the finest small-ship cruising experiences comes a variety of trips that welcome all ages. Each offers superb guides, energy-burning activities and myriad wildlife. Lindblad works with several conservation funds and societies, and partners with the National Geographic Society to provide extra enrichment on its trips. Adults will be delighted with the attention to gourmet meals prepared with sustainable foods, and the carefully trained and enthusiastic tour leaders. Children of any age are welcome on all of Lindblad's deluxe trips, and travelers under 18-years benefit from a discount on rates. Some of the most popular family destinations include Alaska, the Galapagos of Ecuador (perhaps their signature cruise because it's in an area where they support extensive environmental conservation efforts), and the islands of Greece. Extra family staff are on all Alaska, Galapagos, Costa Rica Family and Greek Isles Family departures and family-together time is stressed.

Smithsonian Journeys
P.O. Box 23182
Washington, DC 20077
These trips focus on culture and history, are guided by the experts at various branches of the Smithsonian Museums and are operated by the top tour companies. While the American Museum of Natural History trips often have an environmental, wildlife conservation, or biology focus, many of the Smithsonian Journeys highlight historical and cultural attractions. One of their most popular itineraries for families with older children include their "Old World Europe" tour in Greece and Italy.