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 First, I would like to thank my friend’s parents for inviting me on a wonderful trip to Colorado in 2005 and letting me stay and ski with them. There were some bumpy parts in the trip, however in the end, I thought it was very fun and enjoyable.

I have decided to sum up how I felt about the two ski resorts we visited, Breckenridge and Keystone, both close by each other.

Obviously I thought both mountains were beautiful because of their vast size and amazing views. I preferred Breckenridge’s mountain mainly because I thought it was more suitable for everyone. They had great slopes for beginners, lower intermediates (like myself), upper intermediates, and of course some great expert terrain. They also had many great terrain parks to choose from and just more options.

Nothing against the Keystone mountain, yet I believe the jump from the easy green to the intermediate blue trails there was a little hard, and could easily lead some lower intermediates to make some mistakes.

As for outside of the mountain, Breckenridge was also better mainly because it was an actual town and Keystone was just a resort village. And from what I heard from other people in my ski class, it seemed that if you had young children, the Breckenridge daycare was better because of the situation in which the child did not want to ski anymore. One mother had to quit our ski class at Keystone to pick up her baby because it was crying.

At Keystone, the night skiing was a very nice feature, as well as the restaurants on the top of the mountains.  Keystone did have one other major plus, which was the hill top center for tubing and skibiking, as I believe it was called.

In Breckenridge, the free bus system was definitely a great bonus for traveling from the condo to the mountain without having to worry about parking. Both condos were equally nice although the second had some problems. The best part of the trip was the lessons because I felt the instructors knew what they were doing and were very warm and friendly.

In the end, the most important thing I would warn people about at both resorts is the high altitude of 9,000 feet to 12,500 feet, since I had a headache and threw up for a few days. Again, I was glad I tagged along and I really enjoyed the trip.


This article was first published on in 2005 when Luca was a 14 year old living in New York City.

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