Road trip in California with family?

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Road trip in California with family?

Hello Everyone,

We are a family of 2+3 (11, 9, 8), and we (mostly the 2 part) are thinking about getting to Los Angeles for maybe a week or 10 days, rent a car and embark on an epic roadtrip (the smallfolks are used to being in the car and on the road so this shouldn't be a - big - problem).

This would be our first journey to Los Angeles, and we would like to focus more on some regions - preferably full with tourists - where we could get a glimpse of the real California. This 'real' stuff may sound stupid, so let's clarify it a bit... :)

We would like to see stuff like architecture, lifestyle, professions and we don't mind if things are cheap.

Could any of you point us in the "right direction"?