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England’s International Festival of the Sea

Although it is almost always foggy and rainy here in the United Kingdom, there are occasional flashes of good weather.  We caught one of them in July at the Portsmouth International Festival of the Sea. We had taken our boat apart, to fit new linings to the hull.  We knew it would be a big job.  Still, we were pretty much there, and the...

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Ionian Islands: Greece A La Carte

Follow a British family of explorers as they roam the Ionian Sea of Greece in the tailwinds of Odysseus, and finally settle on Kephalonia for their beach vacation.From London, we landed on Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, the only Greece-bound travelers who didn't have a holiday destination. For this outrageous stance, we became famous (or perhaps infamous - we will never know)...

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Notre Vacances en France: A Euro Road Trip

Your guide to a pleasant drive from the U.K. - even with fussy little ones - and a delightful, budget camping adventure in the south of France. There are many good reasons for taking a holiday in the south of France, but the 12-hour drive down from England is not one of them. However, over the course of our stay, new French friends and our German neighbors offered a number of coping strategies,...

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London: Attractions in the Millenium Year

Meeting distant cousins in London recently gave us the opportunity to spend a weekend there. Though we live about three hours away in Dorset, this was a first for our boys, who had an awfully good time. The new London Eye,...

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