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Cambodia and Angkor Wat could easily be one of the 7 wonders of the world, and Cambodia is a powerful emotional experience for visitors.

Once ravaged by the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia today, is a country of beautiful people, among the world’s most gentle, friendly and polite.

At its simplest, the Famous Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat is an elegant building but it’s the most impressive.

It’s the main temple within the total complex of many others. Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is rich with ornate architectural details and exquisite stone carvings, it covers some 500 acres.

One of the other temples in Cambodia is Bayon, has 54 towers decorated with the carvings of 200 massive face.

And at Cambodia’s Ta Prohm, the giant roots of the banyan trees remind visitors of the power of the jungle.In Cambodia, Buddhism provides a sense of balance and peace in this once troubled land and since these are religious buildings, travelers should observe basic dress rules like avoiding shorts and tank tops. In Cambodia, watch the sunrise from Angkor Wat…and at day’s end, watch the sunset.

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