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It all began three years ago when my parents announced we are going to a special place for our summer vacation. “To Florida Disneyworld!” they excitingly shouted out.  “Oh boy,” my sister and I shouted as we jumped for joy and then my mom added that we are renting an RV to travel in to view all the southern states.

Anticipation mounted as the big day arrived. We could hardly contain ourselves when my dad pulled up in this big hotel on wheels. Then we were off, mile after mile. As I sat looking out the window I saw tree after tree, roadkill, and then tree after tree again. Finally, the sign on the highway said South Carolina. Finally, something new! We are close to the south now, I thought.

Suddenly, my mom shouted, “Oh wow! Look, it’s cotton in the field. Stop, I want to go out and see this.” So there we were, parked on the side of a road as my mom was fliting through this cotton field, amazed, picking them and disecting them for us to see. Then, we were off again, listening to my mom rant on and on about the wonders of nature in the creation of a cotton plant.

We turned down a road towards Myrtle Beach. There was a amusement park and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. “Stop!” my sister and I shouted, “lets go to these places.” My dad was looking to park thebig RV and he turned down a side street when I heard my mom say “Oh my, what is that in front of us?”

All of a sudden, we realized, it was a funnel cloud that dropped down right in front of us. We were in a panic, to say the least. We heard screams and shouts. An officer yelled get out of the alley. As my dad maneuvered this huge ark out of the alley, another tornado dropped down in the amusement park. All I heard was a woman screaming my kids are over there. My mom screamed, “Get on the floor of the RV” and we did. She covered us and we felt the RV shake and shimmy.

The next thing we knew, we were back on the main road going back to the highway. The cars coming in our direction had smashed windows. As I watched them pass by, I saw people with bloodied arms and debris all over. As we traveled further up we saw a town that looked like a war zone now, after it was kissed by the beast, the tornado.

With tear stained faces and our hearts in our throats, we continued south stopping at the South of the Boarder campsite for the night. However, no sleep came to us that night. The weather forcast sent out warnings for the surrounding states and my family and I took a vote and decided to return back home to the North. That night we left the South and once again it was tree after tree, roadkill, and then more trees.

Finally, late the next night we arrived home safe and sound and I vowed personally never to go to the south again. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said at the end of her ordeal “HOME, THERES NO PLACE LIKE HOME, AND I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE HERE EVER AGAIN.” I echo those words after meeting the beast of Myrtle Beach.

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