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I was asked by my grandmother to go to Virginia for a camping trip. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I told her yes. On several occasions I have been on a trip with my grandmother and there always seems to be a pattern every time with the beginning of the trip.

This time I spent the night over my grandparents’ house. They woke me up and told me that it was time to leave for the trip. Then, they begin fussing over the funniest things, like who packed things into the car and who is the most responsible. When we finally got into the car and began to drive, the car broke down, which usually happens on every trip I take with them.

We were stuck in Southern Maryland and had to call triple A. They took forever gettting there and it was really dark near the woods. My little cousin had a bathroom problem at the time. He made my grandma so mad she was yelling at him. He just could not stop using the bathroom and whenever I had to use the bathroom he would claim so did he. He always made me help him use the bathroom when someone mentioned a rest stop. I guess he thought it was funny, but I always found a way to get him back though. I would put him in headlocks and grip his head. He would try to tell, but I would never get into trouble — I was an angel.

We finaly got to the camping grounds. It was fine for the first two days. But I’m a city boy and I’m afraid of insects. My grandma was calling me out when we determined that their were too many people present to fit into the trailer. She called me lazy and kept asking if I was in a trance. I wanted to tell her to shut up so bad.

My grandfather called me over to some open space to help set up a lousy tent. It took about an hour he thought he knew what he was doing. We set it up and I asked for food. My grandma and grandfather make good dinners, but the problem was that we ate it almost every day. I began to hate the smell of the food.

The shower rooms had sand in the tiles and it reeked. My grandma asked me to take my little cousin to the bathroom. To this day, I swear my cousin set this up. My grandmother gave me a rag to wipe something with. I wasn’t listening to her since I was looking at the television so I just kept saying, ‘Yes, grandma.’

I took him and when he was done I wiped the toilet seat with the rag she had given me. I walked my cousin back to the trailer and she asked what I did with the rag. I told her what her what you told me to do with it. She asked for details and I told her I wiped the toilet seat off when my little cousin was done. She slapped me. I could have ducked because she was slow with the slap, but I was thinking at the time. She told me to sit down and think about what I did. So I did.

A good thing about the vacation was the beach. I spent lots of time their. I love the water. The sand just burned my feet a bit, but on this trip I stayed in a little too long and the salt water got to my skin. I had peeling skin on my inner thighs with salt water in the flesh. It was very painful. We finally went out to eat at the Red Lobster. I had lots of seafood there.

What made me angry after that was they were talking about spending more time in Virginia, but I really wanted to go home. They asked for my opinion. I told them to go home. My other cousin pretended to be sick and went home. Right after he left, it started raining and the camp was flooded. The tents were no good anymore nor were the things in the tents. That’s when they decided to leave.

I was ecstatic to leave that place. Of course, when we were leaving the car broke down again. It was a fairly new car that seems to only break down while on vacations with grandma. I would have to say lots of bad things went on with this trip and plenty of good to balance out the bad. Family can be a pain sometimes, but ultimately they are good people looking out for your best interest.

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  • Moebaby23128

    I have family in Virginia, and I always have such a great time when I go there, but if I had to camp out I wouldn’t like it either!

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