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As I was floating on a bright pink raft on Lake Powell’s clear waters, I took a breath of fresh air and closed my eyes. From exploring the beach to swimming around the entire island and making sand castles on the warm, soft and sandy beach, the day I had just experienced had been a total blast. Now relaxing in the hot, the July sun added to the pleasures I was having.

I figured that night we, meaning my family and I, would probably roast gooey marshmallows on our unique mini barbecue. Then, we would take a bath in where else but the lake. Finally, we would put on pajamas and snuggle into our warm beds and blankets on our boat for another sleepless night.

Wow, Lake Powell sure has it all, and I figured nothing could ruin or change a thing. I opened my eyes and gazed eastward and thought, ‘Oh my goodness.’ I noticed some dark clouds coming in our direction.

Mother Nature obviously had plans to ruin my perfect afternoon as a flash of lighting streaked across the gloomy sky. I counted ‘One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi, four mississippi, five mississippi.’ Flash! The lighting was aboutĀ five miles away.

I figured it was nothing to really worry about at that time. I had been through numerous storms. So, I continued to go on enjoying my vacation. Yet, before I knew what hit me, those ominous clouds seemed to be directly over my head. I remember distinctly my mom calling for me to come get onto this boat because it was unsafe in the water. I advanced toward the boat but, before I made it to the swim platform the rain started to come down ever so lightly.

Suddenly, it began to pour. The rain was just unbelievable. Sheets of water sprayed off the red rock walls around us. The wind whipped through my hair and the boat began to sway. The once calm clear waters were now a choppy dirty mess. Mini waterfalls formed in small crevices off the cliffs.

The sight was absolutely breathtaking, like something I’d seen on a postcard from Hawaii. The lighting continued to flash and loud jeering sounds of thunder echoed in the cove we were beached in. When I looked closely I could see little rainbows in the waterfalls coming from the small sunlight streaming through the clouds.

The scene was not all pleasant. The rain was washing the sand down the beach, eroding away the earth. There were two foot rivers forming on the sand, also. Our boat’s anchor, once submerged in the sand, was now uncovered. I yelled to my dad to rescue the anchor. My dad had to make his way to the beach to fix it. With all the wind and our anchor insecure, we could have drifted at any moment.

Watching this storm wash away sand and damage the surroundings was a bit scary. Mother Nature is a lot more powerful than I ever thought she could be. The storm ended as fast as it had started. The air was filled with pleasant scents of rain dew. Whenever I have been in a storm I have been in a safe warm house or shelter.

During this storm I was on a boat in the middle of the lake. There was not any damage done to me, but the land was torn and changed. I now look back and realize that storms can have same major effects on a lake. I can only imagine what a hurricane would be like. I will always remember the great majesty I saw in that downpour. It was so gorgeous with those waterfalls, I felt as if I was not in Arizona forĀ five seconds. I know that any one that has been through a horrific storm of any kind has seen so many amazing things that they won’t forget. Nature can be a dangerous thing. However, it can be extraordinarily beautiful.

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