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“A great adventure awaits you” read my fortune. Later I learned we were going to Paris that summer. I have always wanted to go. Lamely, I thought that fortune cookie was destiny. Going to another country is something everyone should experience, especially with family. Sunsets somewhere else are amazing. The sun illuminating buildings and streets, centuries old is magic.

We arrived in Paris. Even though I had some luck with a cookie doesn’t mean that everything good happens. It rained when we were wheeling luggage, looking for our hotel. The sun lit up the rain drops from store awnings, and building archways beautifully.

We found our petite hotel, settled in, then explored. Unsure of the way to the Eiffel Tower, my dad took us on every wrong backstreet. However, we seen neat buildings; no one was out where we were. By dusk, we found it. At night it’s lit up and every hour the lights flicker for a show. We had to wait because other tourists shared our idea. When we got up there, the sky was black, but the buildings were still distinguishable below. I looked out to a huge black ocean, picturing the Eiffel Tower as a light house. I felt like I was overlooking the world.

The next day, we visited Notre Dame and rode the metro. All types of people use the metro. I saw a father and daughter, carrying accordions. The daughter came on our train, played songs and collected money. She couldn’t enjoy childhood like I did. She helped her father collect money to live. I thought how good I have it. My family can actually take me on a trip across an ocean.

After that, the Louvre was next. We were anxious to see the Mona Lisa. There was a massive crowd. My dad made jokes, “Man, this is like sardines.” and, “Man, this is like herding cattle!” A bunch of families plowed their way to the front to get pictures. People hovered cameras over other peoples’ heads. The true nature of people comes out when they’re in sweaty lines and impatient to see attractions. We inched closer as people sifted out. A gap formed and my dad wanted more territory. Moving, I bumped some lady. A minor obstacle, but it was war, every man for himself. My dad clawed next to me. The Mona Lisa was roped off but kids went under to get closer pictures. My Dad said, Go!I ran up there and he snapped his picture. It was neat to see the Mona Lisa up close. Being world renown, everyone’s seen it before, but to be inches from it was spectacular. My mom explained every art piece in the Louvre.  It was very intriguing, but my advice is to see art in spurts, not all in one day. We shopped at Champs et Lycée and dined at Chez Clément. The food we had in Paris was delicious but expensive.

Our last monument was the Arc de Triomphe. From the top there was a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower. Daylight made it look almost animated. It’s amazing watching street artists try to recreate its beauty.

I believe sunsets I seen in Paris were nicer the than ones here. Although, the day ends at sunset, in a city like Paris one feels timeless. It’s a lot better than watching the sun set behind a KFC. I am happy my parents took us to Paris, I would love to return. Experiencing another culture when one is young is amazing, now I buy more fortune cookies to see if more luck happens.

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