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Imagine this. It’s an incredibly beautiful summer day in Rocky Point, Mexico and you decide to go on a sunset cruise with the family. Then all of a sudden, crash! There go your happy memories onto the shoreline where no moving boat should logically be. A few years back, I was lucky enough to experience a cruise of this demeanor. It all started when we were walking around Rocky Point. The smell of shrimp filled the air as a local approached my mother with a brochure he had created himself. “Beautiful Rocky Point Sunset Cruise!” it said. The man explained how it was “almost free”, for $200. There were six of us, so my mother figured it was a steal! We were scheduled the following day at 5:00 pm! We promptly loaded onto the boat with excitement flowing through our veins, in awe of how stunning Rocky Point was. Having a good time with margaritas, we set off into the blazing sunset. Everything started off fine. We were content and on our merry way, until we felt a jolt. My parents exchanged worried glances, wondering what had happened. Then out of nowhere, we pulled back into the dock we had just came from. My family, along with three other families on the boat, were puzzled as to why we were going back already. The cruise had just begun! Once, the captain pulled the boat into the dock, he set sail again. My family assumed that he pulled out crooked and needed to realign. Brushing the issue aside, we continued having fun. Then, thump! The boat rose onto the beach and tipped to an uncomfortable angle! Everyone froze and instantly wanted to exit the premises. Naturally, my mother, worried about our well being, hunted down the captain to throw some words at him. However, once she found him, his eyes were blood shot and he smelled of pure tequila! This was the man who was steering our boat! “No way are we going anywhere with him!”, my mother thought. As she spoke to him, attempting to persuade him to stop, he paid little attention to her and spoke to her with a demeaning attitude. He would not listen to her because she was a female. Now you have to understand, my mother is an extremely independent and strong woman, so she was furious. However, the man simply would not listen to her! She then explained the situation to my father. My dad, being the muscular man that he is, made his way up to have a little “chat” with this captain and demand that our family be escorted off the boat. Of course, the captain listened right away. He called for a small motor boat to pick us up, due to the fact that he would not turn the ship around. As the boat arrived, we waved a bitter sweet goodbye to the cruise ship. For the motor boat that had come to rescue us only sat four passengers and there were two men occupying it already. As I mentioned before, there were six of us, a few more than four. We refused to remain on the cruise ship, so we cautiously climbed down the side panel of the ship and into the motor boat. The driver sped off as the end of the boat was equally aligned with the water. As they dropped us off at the shore, we kissed the ground we walked on and were gracious to the men who had basically saved our lives. Never again will we ever go on another “Beautiful Rocky Point Sunset Cruise!” 


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