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One unforgettable experience I had when taking a trip was when I went to New York in the summer of 2007 to visit family. I took a plane there alone which I had never done before. When I departed the plane, I expected to see my aunt, her husband and two kids. Instead, I’m greeted by two Loud-mouth street thugs who apparently are what have become of my cousins. I attempted to greet them with a hand shake and a hug but got lost in the confusion of the street greeting they were accustomed to. I had never felt so much aggression in a simple greeting before. Loading my luggage into the car, I began to think…..this is going to be a long vacation.

On the way to my cousins’ house, it was obvious that I was in a car with a maniac with road rage. We swerved from left to right as we weaved in and out of traffic. We cut car after car angering countless drivers until we got to the house. The loud music that was being played as we committed multiple counts of attempted vehicular homicide muffled my shrieks of terror and fear. I let out a gasp of relief once I got out of the car and into the house. I stayed home for the next 2 days, still recovering from the shock I was in from the drive to the house.
Later on, my cousins said they were going out to Time Square. I had only seen New York before in movies and magazines and was thrilled for the opportunity to see it in person. We took a car to the nearest subway and rode it to our destination. Once there, my cousins immediately start talking to women that ranged between 25-30 when my cousins themselves were 16 and 17. Quite a few of the women they talked to willingly exchanged numbers for some kind of possible relationship. I stuck within the boundaries of my age group and had enough success there to satisfy my ego that night.
We proceeded onto T.G.I.F. for dinner to the end the night smoothly. We ordered a feast of kings that included fried to the crisp tenders dipped in sizzling hot buffalo sauce, boneless barbeque chicken wings, and a bacon double cheese burger fully loaded with fries. We ate and drank as we enjoyed the music. We received complimentary nachos just before receiving the bill. One hundred-thirty seven dollars was the fee. My cousins had no money and I only had sixty dollars. We decided to skip out on the tab. We exited with no interruptions. Once out of the restaurant we dashed to the subway and rode it until we got back home. We were home free….at least we thought so.
Because we rushed to get home, we rode the wrong subway and ended up in Queens. All the night time fiends, drug dealers and gangsters appeared. We were terrified at what might happen to us. We had to walk five blocks to get to the right subway, traveling through a dark park where these dealers and fiends conducted business. Dealers would signal to come over and check out their goods. Fiends would also signal to come over occasionally to sell something to them. We darted through the dark and treacherous park until we got to the correct subway station. A sigh of relief left my cousins and I because we were finally safe. Then we simultaneously had an epiphany because we knew we had a hell of a story to tell!


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