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How can moving effect a sixteen-year-old teenager’s life? Well, from experience I can tell you in a very big way. It’s hard to get up and go twelve hundred miles away from everyone you know and everything you grew up around. I had this happen to me about a year ago. It is the most dramatic change that anyone has ever asked of me in my life. It wasn’t just the changes around me that I was bothered by; it was that I did not know one living soul for hundreds of miles and all I wanted was a friend.  

      Two months into my sophomore year at Agua Fria High School my parents start discussing the idea of moving to Washington, where my older had just moved. I had tried talking them of out of the idea for a week or two, but it just stuck with them. Finally I would find out the worst news that a sixteen year old could hear. I found out that in four days my family and I would be moving to Vancouver to help support my older brother who had ran into some problems. I was devastated; I ran to my room and cried for about an hour with thoughts of all my friends running through my head. It was like all the memories I had with all my friends were going through my head at the same time.  I suggested to my parents that I move in with one of my closest friends, so I could stay here in Arizona.  Then the thought of not having my family around was too much for me. I had run out of ideas and finally gave in. It was beyond a doubt one of the biggest challenges of my life. During the last few days I was in Arizona, I went out with my friends every night having as much fun as I could. I felt a little more horrified with the end of each day that had passed. With the last few days we shared my friends made a video of the memories so I could look back on them.

      Then moving day spoiled all the fun I had. Moving day had come, but I wasn’t ready to go anywhere. I just couldn’t accept leaving all I know behind and moving to some place foreign to me. The hardest part for me was having to say goodbye to all my friends I knew since middle school, they would stop by the House, start talking to me and all I could do is hold myself from crying. I knew what I was leaving behind was something irreplaceable and almost impossible to come by again.

       Well we started our drive to Vancouver, let’s just say it wasn’t a very enjoyable trip to a place I didn’t want go to in the first place. The Penske truck we loaded all our stuff in went at a top speed of 30 mph, if that. We planned the trip to be about two days, it took us five. Because of those five horrible days of stress and bad attitudes it almost made me happy to finally be in Washington.  Once my family and I arrived at our new house I was still very saddened because of the move and I had trouble not getting mad at my parents.

       A few days in I felt like I was the only one who still regretted leaving Arizona, that’s because I was. Then the next day my brother got me to go out and explore Vancouver hoping he would be able to change my mind about the place. Well let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. Our first and last adventure of that day was fishing. We arrived at the lake with fishing pole in hand. We casted out and turned around to a cop asking if we had our fishing license, which neither of us knew anything about. So we told the cop we didn’t realize we were suppose to have one and that we had just move to the area. Then the officer asked for I.D. well, my brother left his at home. The cop pulled out his gun pointed it at my brother and had the other officer with him put cuffs on. Then finally the cop looked him up on the computer wrote him a two hundred dollar ticket and left. We went home, and that was our adventure. That only made me dislike the state even more.

        The week after we arrived I was signed up for a school called Mountain View where I had twice as many classes and worth half as many credits. The only thing that makes high school enjoyable is friends, which I had none of. It’s hard for someone who hasn’t really ever been a new student to make a friend. Back home I had too many to count, and went from that to not one. All I could do is compare this school to my old school which I liked a lot. I think I was mostly doing this because I was going to try and talk my parents into going back.

       Then about a month into what I liked to call a vacation my family started to be bothered by me bringing up every flaw I could find. Although, I could finally see they were starting to see things my way. I believed I could fully talk them into moving back and admitting it was a mistake to move in the first place. I was right, the following month my parents start discussing the idea of moving back to Arizona. At that point I was inflamed with amazement.

      We started planning our trip back home; it was set to be in the following month. I counted down the days. I was really excited that in just a few weeks I would be back with everything I grew up with and have my life back to normal. Well the day finally came we left back to Arizona.

       My family I and are now back in Arizona and I love it. The truth is that I have missed certain things about Washington, just small little memories that were made. All in all I’m glad I had the experience of moving to a different state. If I were giving the chance to go back and do it all over again I would because it’s something I can never forget and something I learned a lot from. In the future i do plan on traveling visting as many states as i can because each state has something different to offer

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