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 Mexico is a classic place to explore, with all the beautiful places you can probe and visit. I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beautiful town named Huatajo located in Michoacán, Mexico. A very poor and fortuneless place, although it has many flaws you can spend a wonderful time because they don’t depend on electronics and all the luxuries we have here in America. Instead they go out, enjoy rivers, parks and spend time with the family.

                When I first arrived there it was awful to me, I no longer had a cell phone, internet access, a washing or drying machine, no car, no friends, no gyms. I was a disaster; I realized I depended too much on technology. Eventually I started depending on myself, I did my laundry by hand walked to my destinations and limited myself to all the other luxuries. It took me around three weeks to assimilate into that environment. I started to enjoy it, when I went outside I was able to communicate with everyone by person and if u went to the market you could smell all the freshly baked foods. They don’t depend on packaged and processed foods which meant you could taste the real flavor of foods.

                My fashion sense was a disaster to them, their style was what I was wearing when I was 15, I am now 17. It was hilarious to converse and explain that they would eventually be wearing the same design I was wearing soon. They all disagreed, it was so incredible as if I had gone in a time machine where I went back and gathered different parts of history and made a beautiful place. The cultures there, were stunning. I’m a simple Hispanic girl, but I speak a total different language. Spanglish, a mix of English and Spanish, a bundle of made up words.

                I didn’t only get to experience the small towns in Mexico, I also had the opportunity to explore Mexico City where I found malls, internet access, cars, washing and drying machines. To my surprise I enjoyed the small towns better even though I didn’t have those luxuries. I figured if I’m going to live in a different environment I want to live completely different. In Huatajo theirs horses and cows out in groups with their owners, there were the flaws of that. Everywhere you would go you found feces, it smelled terrible. It was a mix of feces, food, and water. Not very gratifying, if the smell wasn’t enough there weren’t many roads, there was one main road and it wasn’t very smooth or pleasing.

                If you were trying to locate someone, I’d say good luck since there wasn’t street, roads, or avenue signs in these small towns. If you wanted to come up on someone you would have to inform someone who lived there to help you find them. Not everyone had a phone, but it was amazing to see how everyone worked together to make events happen. When church was going to start they rang an enormous bell, it made a beautiful high pitch sound and at the climax of the sound it made a deep noise. It rang twice once at 11:30am and the second time at 12:00pm to inform church would begin.

                Overall the flaws, I had a unique adventure where I had the opportunity to experience a different culture, language, and community I learned that you don’t need technology to live comfortably. I also learned that sometimes the fortuneless live a better life than the ones whom have technology resolve all their issues.

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