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 When Reality Lasts Forever.   

Every teen dreams of going to some sort of prestigious location. My dream location was to visit my family in Mexico, where my father is from. To my father’s side of the family, family is everything. The love that takes place amongst each other is far more momentous in my father’s family, than that of my mother’s side of the family. I was determined to go to Mexico.

Three years ago, when i was 14 years old, I obtained my passport. Not long after that i bought my airline ticket. My plan consisted of staying with my grandparents in their house. I was going to help take care of all of the farm animals and help look after my great-grandfather in Tlaxcala-approximately three hours southeast of Mexico City.

Arriving at the front door of my grandparents’ house wasn’t anything like I had expected. There was absolutely no cement, as the ground was pure dirt and all dried up. It looked as if there had been a drought. There were no plants or grass. The house was made up of wooden boards and aluminum foil. In order to get from one room you had to go back outside and go to the next door.

My first encounter with my grandmother was one that I will never forget. I never thought that you could feel so much love with just one hug. In the blink of an eye, I realized that being in Mexico was a completely new part of my life; a part that I never thought I would experience. The remarkable feeling of loving someone that I had never met taught me that there is so much more to life. Money is just an object, whereas family is what gets you through every single day.

As i met all of my cousins one-by-one, I realized that life is extremely different. The kids are well-behaved and respectful, everyone walks by you with a smile, and when anything went wrong, you just had to turn for someone with help. My day consisted of waking up at an extremely early time in the morning to help my grandfather milk the cow. After that, I would help clean house with my grandmother. At about noon, I went to go pick up my little cousins from school and would bring them back, clean them up, and serve them lunch.

I realized, back at home everyone far too materialistic, including myself. However, in Mexico they don’t have the funds to be greedy. They may be financially struggling, but they know how to enjoy every single minute of life. They are far more happy than any other person that I know in the United States. Making handmade tortillas with my grandmother, listening to the sound of the roosters singing out back in the morning and the sight of everyone working together was a new experience; one that I was never going to forget.

With every simple “hello” you receive while walking down the street, you get just a little bit more happier. By the end of the day, happiness doesn’t even begin to cover the way that you feel. My trip was far more than anyone could have ever been blessed with. It did not consist of luxurious transportation of any sort, nor did it consist of any sort of cruise or resort and much less was there a local beach. It did, however; consist of family, love and an incredibly huge load of tortillas to take home.

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