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As I looked through the back window of my minivan, I realized that the world we live in is composed of many beautiful creatures and organic cells. The trees were very vibrant; the way they moved back and forth as the wind hit the surface of the leaves caught my immediate attention. I would look left and right and wonder how this magnificent earth was created. My parents in the front seat were talking about soap operas and my brother to the left of me was sleeping. I could not understand why I was the only one amazed with the beauty that was outside our window.  I continued to observe everything that was passing me by. But I simply couldn’t comprehend why i was the only one  hypnotized by the gorgeousness of nature.

            By the time we arrived to Yosemite, I felt as if I had reached the max potential of beauty. Of course I was wrong; the three hours we spent on the road was just the beginning. When we arrived to the park, my father decided that the best idea was to first set up our tents. As I walked around the park grounds I read a sign that scared me to death “Caution Bears.” The way that the bear was depicted on the old rusty metal sign gave me the Goosebumps. I assured myself that they would not come out during my stay. As I continued to walk, the tall oak trees shadowed me from the light of the sun. My father called out my nickname and shouted “Chepe! Hurry, we’re going to the waterfall!” I dashed through the trees and reached the bright blue minivan. My brother’s face showed anger since he wanted no part of the trip. I knew that the waterfall would be the best part of our family trip.

                As we passed the first waterfall, my mouth dropped open with disbelief; I had no idea that a waterfall could be so beautiful. Yes, I had seen pictures of waterfalls in magazines such as “The National Geographic,” but the way that the water fell off the high altitude rocks made me speechless. We soon reached our destination- Yosemite Falls. The water was splendid. The way it traveled like a serpent in agony made me feel as though it was alive, as though it was communicating with me. Even my brother’s facial expression changed; there was no possible way to be angry at such beauty. At that moment I realized that I had experienced a piece of nature that would continue to astonish the whole world.

                From my experience at Yosemite National Park, I realized that nature is very beautiful and it exists to preserve its beauty. However, in the present day, our nature is at risk. We currently face global warming and our environment is worsening by the second. There are many ways in which we are destroying nature and there is no particular solution to save it. Yes, humankind tries to save our earth by practicing many methods such as recycling, riding bicycles, using solar panels, and other alternatives. However, not everyone contributes to helping out our environment, and so to try and help save nature, I decided that I will study environmental engineering. My fundamental goal is to come up with a solution that will preserve nature and the earth’s environment.



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