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Last Year, My Sister( Lekiesha) and I traveled to Tempe, Arizona the week before classes began. Lekiesha is a student at the Arizona State University and is studying to become a family physician. We live in Chicago, Illinois and we took a flight on Southwest Airlines, which was three and a half hours long. The change in temperatures, humidity, and landscape was extremely astonishing. It was extremely hot, the air was dry, and I had never seen mountains or the desert terrain. While there we had to find her school books for the new semester.

My Sister and I traveled through the blistering desert heat to find the book store, and when we made it the store was closed. It was Sunday evening and the store wasn’t open that day. There wasn’t much else we could do on a Sunday evening, in Arizona, before school started, so Lekiesha decided to show me around. We walked to place called “A” Mountain, it is a small mountain with a large letter A at the top. We walked along the trail leading to the top for about 40 minutes. When we reached the top of the mountain, the sun was already setting, the city lights were shining bright and beautifully. The lights coming from Mill Avenue filled the night sky as we overlooked the city. Below, there were musicians playing on corners, hippies, dancers, pet lovers, freshmen parents, tourists, and crowds and bundles of ASU students hanging out before classes resumed. It was overall a beautiful sight to behold. After leaving “A” Mountain, Lekiesha and I returned to her apartment for the night. The next day we returned to the book store to purchase Lekiesha’s school books for the year. After we purchased the books, we dropped them off at the apartment and headed to Tempe Town Lake.

Tempe Town Lake was the perfect place to spend the day. The deep blue water rippled gently with the light breeze, and the trees swayed lightly as if dancing to the sound of the bright summer day. We strolled around the lake for about half an hour before we reached a small, old, brick boat house. As we entered the old boat house, we were greeted by a kind, elderly woman. She looked as if she were in her mid fifties, she gave us a list of services that they offered. As we looked over this list my sister’s eyes began to glow with excitement, she had seen the one thing that she wanted to do since we were children. PADDLE BOATING! She exclaimed. The elderly woman smiled brightly with my sister and said “ that’ll be forty bucks for the both of you”. We paid the forty dollars and set out onto the lake. It was marvelous, the water was cool and the world seemed so serine. We sailed across the entire lake before returning the paddle boat. My sister seemed so happy and smiled throughout our ride. After our ride, Lekiesha and I ventured to Mill Avenue for dinner. We strolled the streets until we reached a small little restaurant called Corleones . It was owned and run by three brothers, raised in Philadelphia. We ordered two Philly cheese steaks and enjoyed the small relaxed environment.

The day was simply terrific, the best way for me to spend my few last days with my sister, before I was forced to return home to prepare for my own school year. The next morning I took a cab to the airport and took the first flight back to Chicago.


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