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               Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy the view here at Phra Nakorn Khiri in Non Taburi Thailand. This province lies about an hour from the capitol, Bangkok. The beautiful ruins on the mountain are what people usually journey here for. The ruins have very little religious value and mainly retain historical value. They date back hundreds of years to the time before any Western influences.
There are these majestic ruins connected to each other via brick pathways on a mountain. Because it is so high, you can see miles and miles of the beautiful surrounding area. I remember looking from one of the larger ruins to a smaller distant ruin and it seemed so far. Ten minutes of walking later and I was there. It’s a bit of walking, but definitely worth it. It is so easy to get distracted on the paths. So many strange creatures make their homes in the mountains of Thailand.
Other than a few dozen monkeys hanging out in the area, there is a vast diversity of insects. One type of caterpillar I particularly remember was a black fuzzy caterpillar about two inches long. They live in the trees and look very strange, but interesting. Don’t touch them, because they make people itch; it’s not their fault, they’re just scared. These little fuzzy critters don’t always stay fuzzy. Wherever there are caterpillars, there are butterflies. I saw more land-based insects, but the butterflies are the prettiest and hardest to find. I think I saw only three or four the whole day I was on the mountain. I think they like the lower elevations more. Not into bugs or monuments? There are also plenty of flora growing around.

                There is also a large variety of flowers on the mountain. I don’t know any names, but I remember red, blue, yellow, and white flowers. Some bloom on threes, some on bushes, and the rest on smaller plants. Some of the shapes could be considered strange from a Western point of view. I paid more attention on taking care of my little cousins than the flowers, though.
                There are a few hazards to watch out for. The biggest thing is the road. Be sure you can walk for miles on a brick road before you attempt to go here. Don’t worry if you have to take a break because the road has a brick side that is low enough to comfortably sit on. The second hazard is the monkeys. There are signs not to feed the monkeys. Watch your belongings because those sneaky little mammals will snatch any unattended belongings. Water bottles, newspapers, soda cans, and purses are all things I saw snatched.
                I went originally went there to just see the ruins with my family, but I ended up noticing so many other things. Thailand is a wonderful country and it’s impossible to see everything. I’ve been there seventeen times, yet I still haven’t seen half of it. I hope others will enjoy the magic of Thailand and experience what I’ve felt.

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