Author: Lauren Metzler

Tags: Spain

     I have been traveling my entire life with my family.  This past year I have been incredible lucky to have the privlege of experiencing two foreign countries and going across country.  I went on a Royal Caribbean Alaskan cruise last July.  My family and I panned for gold, fished for Alaskan salmon, and saw some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen in my life.  In October we went to Schwabach, Germany to witness my brother getting married.  There we saw the different traditions and cultures along with the gorgeous city of Munich.  The story I will tell you today happened two weeks ago where I went without my family and traveled with my school, including the help of EF Tours, to Spain.

     Back in April I was packed and ready to go off to Spain, although because of an unexpected volcano and a lay-over plane ride to Dublin, Ireland our trip got canceled.  We postponed the trip and left on June 15 where we flew Air France for a lay-over in Paris and a short flight over to Madrid.  In Spain there were so many differences, breakfast was early at seven, lunch or siesta was between two to four; there were no stores open at that time.  Then one would typically eat dinner between eight and ten at night.  There were olive trees for miles and miles, on one side of you there were moutains with snow and the other were some of the gorgeous beaches.  In Madrid we toured The Royal Palace, sol, Plaza Mayor, cathedrals, and monasteries.  We ate paellas bars, and churros.

     We then made our way down to Toledo where we witnessed the beautiful sights and walked on a famous cathedral bridge.  We also went to a sword shop and saw how swords are made.  We ate at a "ham museum" and laughed for ages.  Then we toured Alhambra, or Red Castle; there were unbelievable gardens.  We toured a bull fighting ring, and we were also present while Spain was playing in the world soccer tournaments.  These were the days I will truly never forget.  Then we went to Granada and also we traveled to Costa del Sol, or Sun Coast.  On our way we visited Mijas, there we road burros, or donkeys and saw the white cities.  We spent a day on the beach and experienced night life.

     The day before we left we spent time in Morocco, there we rode camels.  We also walked through the town center and saw the market.  People there would have stands outside and sell animals like chickens, fruit, beans, vegetables, fish, and so much more.  The day we left I felt sad because I loved Spain and the adventures I went through.  I recommend everyone to travel, even if it's down your town, because witnessing a different way of life teaches you more about yourself than one would ever think.  I cannot wait to go back to Spain.