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As I rode backwards on a taxi, I took the time to observe my surroundings. I looked to my right and out the window, it was very lush. All I could see for miles were tall trees and endless grass which looked as if someone took a fine comb and straightened each bristle into perfection. In the distance, I could see the ocean and a few boats. For a moment, I thought there would be nothing but nature in this city. Perhaps it was a good thing that I was facing the back because what came next was a surprise. Emerging from the forest, the taxi crossed a bridge. I glanced at the water under the bridge and what I saw next was incredible. An enormous Ferris wheel was gleaming with lights and illuminated an entire city which lied ahead. My family and I had just arrived in Singapore, and later on I had realized that this Ferris wheel, The Singapore Flyer, was the landmark Singapore was known for.

When the taxi had dropped us off, I had a glimpse of the city up close for the first time. It was nighttime and I could see how vibrant the city was. Cars were bustling, restaurants were open, and it seemed nightlife was a big part of this city. Compared to my hometown in America, this was way more exciting. My cousin owns a condominium in place called The Bencoolen. The condo was on the sixth floor and from the window I could take a look at the busy city and wonder how it could be so clean and efficient and making me realize how ignorant one can be if they had never traveled in their lifetime.

Once we had arrived, it was time for dinner. I was happy that I would get to explore on the first day. Back outside of the condos, my cousins waved down a taxi. The taxis had signs which were lit up with either red for hired and blue for vacancy. I thought it was a smart idea and wondered why I haven’t seen it before. Once in the taxi, I was able to sit in the front near the taxi driver. I was on the left-hand side. It was great, I felt like I was the driver. I figured that this would be a good simulation for how it would be like when I began to drive. We finally reached the mall and I was envious that there were such magnificent malls in Singapore, something I could not find anywhere near my home in America. There were multiple floors and so went up and found a sushi buffet restaurant to eat at. Not only did they have sushi there but there was a chocolate fondue fountain accompanied by a variety of desserts. Wow, I never expected fondue and sushi could go so well together.

My parents forced me to sit with my cousins so we could get to know each other. I connected better with my cousins during dinner and got rid of some awkwardness. My little sister was with me as well so I talked to her to most throughout the time. After dinner, we went shopping for a while and ended a great day!  On this trip I learned how vast the world may be. Some places are truly unimaginable and you would just have to see for yourself what the world offers. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to travel to the other side of the world and to be able share my experience with family back at home.

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  • sonick46

    This is the first time I traveled to another Asian country besides the Philippines. It was quite the surprise.

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