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When people go on vacation, they expect care free fun times to coincide with them. When traveling with my family, fights always seem to coincide with vacations. Now, because telling a story without background information is aimless and unproductive, I will tell you a little bit about my family. My father is remarried. When my dad tied the knot, I not only acquired a new mother, but her three daughters as well.  Traveling with six people is often a fiasco, I find myself wondering how the Dugger’s seem to manage their bounty of children. Before I get off topic I should redirect this paper to my trip. Waking up early one morning to fly to Florida, getting six, non-morning, people out of the house before the sun is up is a fight in itself. Attitudes exalt and tempers flare. This is the start of my vacation.

Groggy, tired, irritated. This is what my family is like when we land.  Arriving in an unfamiliar place, with people around you, high off of their caffeine, this is what an airport seems like to me. Making our way into the traitorous carousels where your luggage comes shooting out of a black hole that seems to go on forever. Waiting for the actual vacation part of your vacation to instantaneously kick into overdrive, while the whole time in your head you think, we have to make it to the hotel, and then the party begins. Well for me, the hotel is just a place where I can sleep and keep my belongings for a night. I know that in the morning I am embarking on what I think to be one of the greatest trips of a lifetime. For tomorrow, I will be boarding on a boat that will take me to a world of new cultures, religions, and food.

Now I can actually get to the fun part of my vacation. My boat docks, I am in this new, warm, beautiful, cultural place. This new place where as soon as I disembark there are people dressed in what I assume to be their more native clothing there to greet me. People often think that vacations are just to unwind. Those are the people that never seem to look around and see all of the learning advantages there are. You can never learn something better than learning it first hand from the people that live it every day.  Getting to play their instruments, eat their food, and learn how they make their goods. It is something I will cherish forever. Not many people have the awesome opportunities to visit places that put their cultures and beliefs ahead of everything else, something I personally think the United States lacks severely in showing.

I would have to say my favorite part about taking the trips would be the fights. Now you usually would never hear someone say this. The fights my family have are pure entertainment and awkwardness depending on where and what they are about. On this trip, I am almost certain that a wedding ring was flushed down the toilet. Now who else could say this happened to them on their vacation, even though I am most certain that nobody would willingly and openly admit to their problems, especially on a blogging site. But I do believe that if you are going to indulge somebody with a story you should tell them the whole story.

Now I should probably say that the fights during this trip were actually not the focal point for me. I would have to say that going to the Tequila factory was the most entertaining part of this vacation. Seeing something made that Mexico is well known for producing was definitely fascinating for me. Learning about all the background knowledge that only the people working in the factory would know, knowledge about how Tequila was made, where they ship it to, how they ship it, and how much they sell in a year. For me, you would never think that a country would be so poor when they were able to produce and sell so much of just one of their products. Sadly I was only in Mexico for one day, but I believe that the knowledge that I acquired during the trip was not put to waste. I was able to do a project and write an essay about the activities I did on the trip and was able to use this trip for a project in school.  Most people would have just used their trip as vacation time, kick back time, but I believe everywhere you go is like a text book. You just learn the information through kinetic learning instead of reading it in school.

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