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Hip Hop dance championships in Las Vegas.
Hip Hop dance championships in Las Vegas.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That’s what they say about the bright City of Entertainment. Walking through the famous Las Vegas Strip, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized at how a group of hotels and casinos could distinctly define a small spot in the middle of a vast desert land. Maybe there are things that happen in the place that should be left unspoken of, but in my case, I just can’t help but tell about my time spent in the city.

My family, being an untraditional set of individuals, flew to Las Vegas without the main purpose of spending all of our time in the Strip. A few miles isolated from the iconic spot, the Red Rock Casino stood alone.


I had wondered for a while why such a big facility would rest away from “civilization,” but I did not dare dwell in that thought after realizing how the area had cars f~r~e~e~l~y running without frustrating congestion. The place felt quite refreshing to me at that time. What more was that the sophisticated and dim-lighted lobby was not crammed with a large amount of people. In fact, my sister was able to go to the front desk, obtain information, and walk back in less than a span of a whole thirty seconds. Though it was nice to be able to fully appreciate the simple, dark, and fancy interior of the hotel, I could not help but feel as if the place was abandoned.

Once we exited the elevator, I knew why that was so. Walking down the hall, I started hearing different languages being spoken and seeing people sporting their unique costumes and styles. We’ve finally found the fun. My first real realization came when we walked past a group of people being interviewed. Just not too long ago, I was only able to watch them compete on a dance show that aired on television. It was such a defining moment that, until today, I wonder if my childishly restless reactions were caught on camera. I just shook the emotions away, but it was useless, seeing other spectators and fellow dancers all gathered in one venue. Famous or not, the people’s interaction and aura in the room were all of the same level. But then again, though the interaction made it warm, the sense of competition was still there. Things were about. to. go. DOWN.

After hours of lounging with my siblings and speculating about other dancers, we entered the main auditorium. The stage was set, the seats were organized, and everyone was taking their spots. The World Hip Hop Dance Championships. It felt like the Olympics. Before the program officially started, it was obvious how hyped up the crowd was, but once it did.

One by one, the host introduced the teams, and one by one, they performed their routines. The audience would cheer, and loud music would burst playing. Such electricity, such power, such synchronization, such grace.. every hip-hop team movingly danced in their own ways.

For a while, I took too much into thought how much more I have to deal with before I get to watch our home team. But you know what? It didn’t matter.

Looking at all the people and raised flags around, I just thought.. I’m with the world. It overwhelmed me how a single venue in a certain city can bring all of us together. It didn’t matter how we supported different teams; we were all there, brought together by one passion for dance.

I excitedly looked up, watched a European team deliver, and happily took in the Olympic-like moment. 

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