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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Rajasthan - You May Not Have Heard Of!

Rajasthan in India is a land of history, heritage and great architectural marvels. The former ‘Land of Rajputana’ is dotted with a number of heritage sites, some of them are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The royal legacy of the Rajput days is known for its unmatched beauty and grandeur. These sites have history etched in every nook and corner. The magnificent designs, the opulent layout and the impressive architecture are centuries old but still retain their charm.

Note! This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.

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Breaking My Cultural Iceberg: India’s Diversity

You awake to the aroma of spices while putting on your school uniform, but it’s a new place. You say “सुप्रभात!” to greet your host mother and sister, but it's a new language. The culture slowly immerses you with the natives, but it’s a new lifestyle. Now, you’ll experience the memories of living in India through the eyes of a NSLI-Y exchange student, me.

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First of Many Best Friend Adventures

       The last wedding on my mom’s side of the family was finalized, and my family’s attendance was most certainly required. This was the perfect trip for my best friend Jessie to accompany me on, a classic large scale Indian wedding in the heart of India.  Tickets were booked in February and the next thing we know, we are landing in New Delhi during Thanksgiving break 2016. It was a two week trip filled with riding in cycle rickshaws, watching care free motorcyclists cut off cars, and bargain shopping.

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Trivandrum Tirade

I dodge a white projectile headed for my shoulder. Darn birds-they always try and ruin whatever you’re wearing. I slip on my chappals and sprint to the car bobbing and weaving as I must in order to preserve this clothing. I slam the door and mutter a quick prayer and bid my grandparents goodbye. Today is my rite of passage-at seventeen years old I am a man today. Swirling colors of earthy brown, fresh green, royal purple and fiery red fill my window and I am overwhelmed at the smell of spices in the air-everyone is getting ready for breakfast-yet here I am speeding toward my judgement day.

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Answering a Mother's Call

Dawn’s warm sunbeams peered through cloud cover at intervals, illuminating patches of emerald rice patties throughout the low-lying mountains of Southern India’s ghats; the faintest of breezes glided coolly across my skin, wrapping me tenderly in the silken embrace of a land that I had longed to walk upon for nearly ten years. Mother India had called me, and my every (sloshing!) footstep was an exultant answer.

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Feel Like a King at Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan

We all have heard the stories of kings and queens and royal empires. What if you could re-live those fantasies? Rajasthan, the land of royals and the well-renowned seat of Rajputana gives you an incredible opportunity. The royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan have now been transformed into heritage hotels. These hotels are not just the pride of Rajasthan but are exhibits of fine craftsmanship and architecture of the bygone era.

For a real experience of royal pleasures, make sure you stay at one of these heritage hotels and experience the best of hospitality.

Note! This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question, and stay up to date with current events to ensure a safe and successful trip.

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We Are the Lucky Ones

Growing up in an indian family, traveling the almost 20 hour journey to India, was always sought out as a long and tiring one. As a child, my sister and I would dread the journey to the motherland because of the pungent smells, the lack of cleanness and luxury, as well as the heat. I never thought I would make the journey alone to India on my own will, but in the summer of 2016, I did just that.

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The Blessed and The Ravaged

As an American, I am extravagantly blessed with comforts most of the world cannot even imagine. I often find myself hiding from this world inside an impenetrable bubble, a bubble made up of all the “Vital” and “Irreplaceable” conveniences that I have come to expect from my culture.

These conveniences often blind me to the needs of my less fortunate brothers and sisters, who languish halfway across the globe in hopeless poverty.

Author: Vijay Viswanath

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Memories Are Amusing

I remembered serenity: crunchy, sweet and sour bowls of chaat in outside cafés, aimless walks down busy streets admiring lavish storefronts, gentle, white flowers, tumbling from trees above. Memories of a distant land became close, and images of my parents’ country became those of my own. With beaming anticipation, I patiently waited the rest of the flight.

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My Adventure in India

Travelling is a mentality.  Am I willing to start the adventure? Vulnerable enough to step out the door to learn more about others, and, by application, myself?  Not a tourist, but someone on the journey to understand, be challenged, grow and connect with others of different backgrounds. I had the opportunity to embrace this adventure almost ten months ago when I received an unexpected offer; with one phone call, I jumped in headfirst and began to prepare for a life-changing trip to India. Passport. Visa.