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San Vicente, Forever In My Heart

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, California, Guatemala City, Guatemala, I've been to all those amazing places all that share a special memory in my mind. But they were all vacations taken for pure pressure.

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Honorable Mention 2007 FTF Teen Travel Writing Scholarship

We were to depart from Dulles International Airport, at 5:00pm, and arrive at Mexico City International airport at 9:30pm. Those were the simple instructions given to my eight year old sister, my eleven year old brother and me.

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Family Vacation in Mexico

In the summer of 2007, I left behind a terrible year of eighth grade and opened my door to high school. Part of this process was recovering from a broken foot, beginning to dance again (something I have done nonstop for eleven years), and of course, a family vacation.

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My trip to Oaxaca, Mexico with my grandmother

I am not a person most people would be inclined to think of as adventurous. It is far better to be tall, strong, and have an intimidating presence.

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My Best Trip to Mexico

Ironically, it happened around Thanksgiving. Last year, my family and I took our annual trip from our small town in Southeast Alaska to Mazatlan, Mexico.

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Crossing the Border

I squirmed in my seat, trying to get a good look of the scenery flying by outside my window. The lulling sound of the tires on the pavement was almost drowned out by the yells, jokes, and laughter of my fellow youth group members.

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Wind Surfing in Bonaire

I sped along, imagining myself as a glamorous young woman with sun-kissed skin and long flowing hair skimmed effortlessly across the crystalline blue ocean. I raced faster, and faster, my board no longer even touching the water! I was flying! I grasped the heavy boom, preparing to swing the sail around and leap onto the other end of the board with the grace of an osprey.

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Cruising with the Family

My parents received a nice tax return this year, and with the threat of me going off to college in a year and we can no longer 'bond' together as one (something we haven't done since we went to the zoo back in 1993) they decided that all five of us would take a week long cruise in the Western Caribbean.

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mexico mission trip

It was four-o'clock in the morning on yet another stifling day in Piedras Negras , Mexico. Our group of twenty-five teenagers and five chaperones were kicking stones in the middle of the dusty road, anticipating the opening of the U.

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Whoosh! My ears ache and my classmate is sweating profusely but I don't care. I had been waiting five years for this flight.