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desert safari on camels
5 Don’t Miss Dubai Experiences

Between its exotic Bedouin history and futuristic architecture, the Emirate of Dubai has many attractions for visitors to see, making a guided tour the way to go on a brief visit. Families can begin with Dubai's roots, exploring the old city and harbor on a traditional dhow cruise, or attending camel races. The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa at 2,716.5 feet, is an example of the city's...

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Discover Vienna, Austria

Find museums, palaces, art, shops and even a beach in the heart of Europe, making Vienna a perfect destination for family travelers. Vienna, Austria's capitol city, is a bustling urban metropolis that entices visitors with its picturesque blend of the old and new. Families can explore the historic city center that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, get their thrills at one of Vienna's...

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mushrooom burger
Dining is More Entertaining at Major Family Attractions

Sixty percent of millennial travelers – more than half of them young parents -- select their holiday destination based on food according to a recent survey done by According to the report, a sizable number of travelers chose Paris (27%), Tokyo (23%) and Rome (22%), with additional top foodie cities including London, Barcelona, New York and Madrid. Fortunately, one company is making...

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Celebrating the Bicycle’s Bicentennial in Germany

Bicycling, invented in Mannheim 200 years ago, is as natural to German families as eating apple strudel and reading Grimms’ Fairy Tales, making a Tour de SouthWest Germany a fun, eco-friendly adventure with teens. Mannheim, an easy 45-minute train ride from Frankfurt, is the ideal city to base a family bicycle trip exploring the neighboring bike-friendly, train-accessible cities of Schwetzingen,...

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The Every Teen on a Train Initiative

Do you agree that every teen should have a chance to travel? Just 18 months ago, we wrote about a European Union parliament member who wanted to encourage understanding between EU nations by giving teens free rail passes. And now, it's come to pass!  Here's the latest news and info about how European teens can claim a free rail pass.

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Guns in carry on luggage
Summer of Guns

Summer holidays are bringing relief to American parents as well as students, for a shocking reason: gun violence. As of the May 18, 2018 Santa Fe school massacre, more people have been killed...

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Bullfighter Joserra Lozano in Madrid
Madrid, Spain Attractions

Madrid exudes such positive energy that it's a worthwhile destination for everyone of every age. We guarantee enough museums and galleries to satisfy every art lover in the family. There are plenty of music and dance performances to inspire your inner entertainer. And, grand palaces and statues to make your Bob the Builder want to become an architect. From bull fighting to flamenco, Madrid will awaken...

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Beautiful chocolates filled with tropical flavors
Panama City is Calling All Chocolate and Coffee Lovers

Panama City is a hot travel destination. The canal, the revitalized old town district and the new Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo have helped to lift this city’s global profile. We recently journeyed to Panama City for the first time. Sure, we wanted to watch big cruise ships shimmy through the narrow Panama Canal and photograph the variety of lush flora and fauna. But we are a family of foodies...

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Best of Indianapolis and Indiana for Kids

The heart of the Midwest and a city to emulate, Indianapolis is leading the region's efforts in sustainable development and wellness. It's a place where families find electric ride-share vehicles, organic farm-to-table cuisine and educational institutions advocating social change -- and it's not the only progressive place in this surprising state. Called the "Hoosier State" after what's said to...

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WaterFire Festival fires
WaterFire Lights Up the Night in Providence Rhode Island

With up to 80 fire pits blazing along the reflecting waters of the Providence, Woonasquatucket, and Moshassuck rivers which conjoin in downtown Providence, your family will delight in watching Rhode Island's famous WaterFire spectacle, which encompasses nearly a mile of illuminated space and provides mystifying entertainment. Inspired by artist Barnaby Evans, who created the first...

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