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Couple visiting the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin
Ireland is Our Land

It must have been the "Luck of the Irish" rubbing off on us when three generations of our clan set down at Dublin airport to sunny 70°F (21°C) weather... and it stayed that way for the entire week. That...

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Foundation of the original President's House, Philadelphia
12 American Stories from Philadelphia’s Historic District

Philadelphia is one of America’s most fascinating cities for families because every cobblestone and brick reeks of history. Over a two-day weekend, I was struck by how much we learned about America...

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Panorama Bus Tours "Sound of Music" decorated bus.
Catch the Sound of Music in Salzburg

The city that’s best known to Americans as the setting for the 1965 blockbuster, “Sound of Music,” is regarded elsewhere as the capital of classical music. Each summer, while the great orchestras...

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No-Cost Fun In Indianapolis, Indiana

Head to Indy for concerts, museums, history, transportation and endless fun throughout spring, summer and fall (winter's cold!) The best things in life are still free, at least in Indiana's capitol of...

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desert safari on camels
5 Don’t Miss Dubai Experiences

Between its exotic Bedouin history and futuristic architecture, the Emirate of Dubai has many attractions for visitors to see, making a guided tour the way to go on a brief visit. Families can begin with...

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Discover Vienna, Austria

Find museums, palaces, art, shops and even a beach in the heart of Europe, making Vienna a perfect destination for family travelers. Vienna, Austria's capitol city, is a bustling urban metropolis that...

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mushrooom burger
Dining is More Entertaining at Major Family Attractions

Sixty percent of millennial travelers – more than half of them young parents -- select their holiday destination based on food according to a recent survey done by According to the...

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Celebrating the Bicycle’s Bicentennial in Germany

Bicycling, invented in Mannheim 200 years ago, is as natural to German families as eating apple strudel and reading Grimms’ Fairy Tales, making a Tour de SouthWest Germany a fun, eco-friendly...

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The Every Teen on a Train Initiative

Do you agree that every teen should have a chance to travel? Just 18 months ago, we wrote about a European Union parliament member who wanted to encourage...

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Guns in carry on luggage
Summer of Guns

Summer holidays are bringing relief to American parents as well as students, for a shocking reason: gun violence. As of the May 18, 2018 Santa Fe school massacre,

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