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Curious George with tent
Introduce Family Camping To Little Explorers

Is it time to introduce family camping to your little explorers? This year especially, when warm nights beckon cooped-up kids to brave the wilds of the back yard and beyond, you'll have to be ready. Here are some favorite recommendations, resources and vintage children's books about family camping to make you a seasoned pro.

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Families swimming off side of gulet in the Aegean Sea.
51 Great Family Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer vacation is the traditional time for families to reconnect, with generations coming together to recreate favorite childhood memories and make new ones. But this year, what a roller coaster.  And we’re not talking about this summer’s latest theme park attractions. We’re of course talking about the havoc the...

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Pop Up Camper Trailer parked by the beach.
Rental RVs Are Your Portable Safe Zone

Travelers who are timid about leaving their safe zone after emerging from stay-at-home orders should consider RV rentals for a vacation this year. Several companies are making fully sanitized rental RV units with sleeping, cooking and lounging spaces on wheels, available at locations around the U.S.

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kids watching tent setup
Camping 101: How To Look Like An Experienced Camper To Your Kids

Camping is not easy, but these eight Camping 101 tips will help you look like an experienced camper to the kids -- especially useful for weekend warriors who haven't polished their "rub two sticks together" or tent pitching skills. First, take it from me that overnighting in a local park is just as thrilling, and less cumbersome,...

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Girl with sun tan marks from face mask.
Reopening Soon? Summer Travel in the Untied States

Look ahead to travel reopening during summer 2020 and you’ll know why we call it the Untied States of America. The once united states are completely untied, vying with each other to keep their borders open or closed, to protect their residents’ health or to ward off economic ruin.

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International Living report.
Expats Living Abroad Are Sheltered During the Pandemic

Americans and other expats living abroad have been sheltered by their adopted communities during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, say correspondents for, the respected resource for global retirement and relocation options. IL correspondents are at home in different countries around the world, so...

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Single mom driving a car
Road-Tripping: Three Rules for Planning a Single Parent Road Trip

It’s not often that you find a dad (or mom for that matter) who is willing to embark on a single parent road trip with the kids without his or her better half. Whether you’re a single dad or mom or a spouse just giving a partner a chance to stay home for some peace and quiet, road-tripping on your own is a brave act. In...

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Volkswagen bus parked on unpaved trail near lake.
Is It Safe to Travel This Summer?

As the seasons begin to change and states slowly reopen during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, every family is asking is it safe to travel this summer? Is it safe to go on vacation? Is it safe to take even a short road trip? Eileen Ogintz of

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Tire safety infographic
11 Driving Tips for Easier Road Trips

Family roadtrips, whether over busy holidays like spring break, the height of summer or for end-of-year festivities, can be made easier with preparation and these handy driving tips for road trips. When it comes to travel, if things can go wrong, they usually do. Do we agree that few things spoil a pleasant journey like car trouble, major congestion, unexpected toll roads or needless fines? What...

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The animal cast at the Hershey Park Zoo
The 51 Best Virtual Family Vacation Ideas for Staying Safe During this Pandemic

No worries about budget -- or logistics – with our guide to 51 best virtual family vacation ideas for beating this pandemic while staying home safely.

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