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Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River in winter. Photo by Jake Frank for
The Essential Guide to Camping in the Winter

Winter camping can be great fun, waking up with a frost covering the tent and a beautiful misty sunrise. But it can also be a truly miserable experience if you end up cold and...

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Apple River Wisconsin fall foliage
Leaf Peeker’s Guide To America’s Fall Foliage

Fall foliage tours and affordable leaf peeping road trips are easy to plan if you use this How-To, Where-To Leaf Peeker's Guide with tips on the best places to see leaf colors...

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College student in a seminar class.
Back To School: 5 Essential For College Move-In Tips For Students Flying To Campus

Moving to campus is never easy, and students who have to fly really need my college move-in tips. Not only do we have the standard stress of tracking down room keys, awkwardly...

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Families swimming off side of gulet in the Aegean Sea.
51 Great Family Summer Vacation Ideas

It's time to review our 51 great summer vacation ideas and plan yours with hope for a more (somewhat) normal summer vacation.

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Airline pilots wear face masks in the cockpit of a United flight.
This Will Make Flying Safer

A lot has been done to make flying safer since the age of coronavirus began. Yet, it's still a big topic as confidence in leisure air travel -- and crowds -- increase. U.S. passengers...

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Luke, owner of You Fly & We'll Drive transportation services.
Easy Vehicle Transportation with You Fly We Drive

Need someone to drive your car cross country? Welcome to vehicle transportation made easy and affordable! My name is Luke from You Fly &...

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Screen of virtual tour of Fort Knox in Maine.
23 Resources for Virtual History Lessons About America

History matters; whether experienced personally, studied in virtual field trips or confronted in our travels. American history is a major part of our educational curriculum and...

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kids watching tent setup
Camping 101: How To Look Like An Experienced Camper To Your Kids

Camping is not easy, but these eight Camping 101 tips will help you look like an experienced camper to the kids -- especially useful for weekend warriors who haven't polished their...

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Poodle in the driver's seat of car.
Top 5 Dog-Friendly Vacations

Over the past year, many of us have spent long, dog-friendly hours at home but have been starved of vacation opportunities. Of course, this has been the least of our problems....

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