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    Sumit Desai

    1. Singaporean do not like to waste time. They mix and match both Malay and English. Use of “lah” “leh” or “lor” are very common in their vocabulary.
    2. They reserve seats by putting their Bussiness card, Umbrella or id card and people will understand the seat is taken. It’s a great tip while you are on a food adventure.
    3. Singaporean love to have their ice cream Sandwiched. Their favorite is to eat ice cream with a slice of bread.
    4.No Food here is complete without spice i.e Chilly Sauce and pepper.
    5. Singapore is truly a multi-cultured country while they celebrate their own festivals. Indian and Chinese festivals are also celebrated.

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    Tania Gromenko

    The Singapore is Clean & safe city, As it has unique rules to follow that no other country has, like chewing gum and throwing it everywhere is very serious in this lion island country. In fact, the law does not prohibit people from having gum. You can have gum, but don’t eat and chew it. The fine for eating gum in public is 500 SGD.
    Sabotage of general matters in Singapore is considered a serious violation. You may be fined up to 2000 SGD, jailed for 3 years or beaten 3 times.
    There are many other regulations in Singapore. You must have seen Singapore souvenirs such as T-shirts or stickers labeled “The Fine City” with the addition of various prohibited sign logos. This is what is meant by the label attached to this sea lion country.

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